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Food and drink are not necessarily the same in the direction of life, as is the number of people who are just a little food lovers. Especially we are a little more hospitable than the Bengalis, so for the guests, many people like to keep sweet, curd, chocolate, fruits in the house. And the festival means that there are many different types of food in the house of Bengali. And to make this arrangement easier, today's biggest online shopping mall in Bangladesh has come with the online store of food and beverage products. Cakes for a birthday, chocolates for kids and adults, a variety of food items and drinks, sweet and other interesting things are present in the coconut!


Food and Beverage – AjkerDeal’s name is a separate shopping category. This category has been arranged - Baby food, sweets, curd, honey, cakes, chocolate and candies, jams, jellies and pickles, dry food/snacks, drinks and beverages, fruits, oils, ghee and spices, fish and shoots and much more. In Bangladesh, online food and beverage products, such as milk, cereal, and various types of sweets, yogurt, cakes, and fruits are particularly popular. Some popular brands like Nido, Dano, Cow & Gate, Nestle, Cerelac, Johnson & Johnson etc are in the case of baby food.


Dal is one of the most common and most popular terms in the Bengali food list. Many people may not be able to make a dent in the satisfaction of eating if they do not have lentil in their end sheet. There are different varieties of pulses, namely: Red lentil pulses, Mashkalai pulses, Khesari pulses, Arahar pulses. Buy Dal or Lentil online in bd Now


The process of making atta and maida is actually different. Wheat is crushed to make atta. It is also crushed with wheat seeds. Because of this, the color of the atta is quite brown. But atta is refined to make maida. The wheat peels are separated. The process done for several times. Because of this, the color of the maida becomes white. Check flour price online in bd.



Popcorn without salt is good for health, those who have high blood pressure must eat salt. Nowadays popcorn has many flavors, buttercream, cheeses, packet popcorn with various spices and oils are quite good, this type of popcorn does not take time to finish, but be careful about those who have cholesterol problems or heart problems. buy popcorn online in bd



Nuts should be eaten every day for good health. It contains a lot of manganese, vitamin B1, folic acid and protein. Vegan nuts are more nutritious than raw nuts. check more nuts and dried foods online in bd



The drink that people drink the most after water is tea. Until they drink tea, both the body and the mind will not quench their thirst. Many people now know that tea is a beneficial beverage. Tea contains many antioxidants, vitamins and other compounds. The extracts include polyphenols (flavonols and catechins), which have a protective quality. buy premium quality tea in bd. 



Coffee is a very popular beverage worldwide. Coffee is made by mixing powdered seeds, known as "coffee seeds", boiled with water. Coffee is one of our companions in our busy lives. However, coffee is usually taken to drink mostly in the winter. There is a cup of coffee needed to heal the body in a tired life. Coffee is infinite in satisfying body fatigue. It is possible to relieve body fatigue due to the caffeine in coffee. buy coffee in bd



Soup is a portion of healthy and tasty food. It is ideal for all ages. Suffering from cold, fever or cough problems, the body needs more calories to normalize. The task is to eat good food.

Soup is a food that struggles with infections at this time. In addition, there are various other diseases which, in addition to medicines, doctors recommend to eat soup.

Other Online Grocery Items Shopping BD:

Fruit sellers from different parts of Bangladesh through different types of fruit season, through Ajkerdeal, send fresh fruits of their trees like Rajshahi mango, jackfruit etc. according to the demand of buyers, at their desired address. Apart from Cox's Bazar of Chittagong and Sea Ports, merchants of AjkerDeal send different types of fish and dry fruits to the buyers.

Bangladesh has the freshest collection of food and drinks in your favorite online shopping mall AjkerDeal. The food and drinks you get today are available in Ajkerdeal shopping site, and all of them are verified by quality and quality. And they are getting the most attractive offers and the only online shopping mall in Ajkerdeal at the most affordable price.


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We have a number of food & beverage items on our Site. There are baby foods, dry foods/snacks, sweetmeats, jam/jelly/pickles, drinks, fruits, oil/ghee, fish/dried fish, chocolates & so on. We also deliver fresh fruits to your doorstep.

For the better nourishment of your babies, we provide nutritious baby foods. We provide growing up milk, applesauce, apple crumble, banana sauce, egg custard, sweet potatoes, creamed porridge, rice pudding etc. with plenty of vitamins & minerals according to your baby’s needs. We also feature the brands of baby foods like Gerber, Cow & Gate, Heinz, Aptamilk, Nestle and many more.

We also provide all kinds of sweetened food items like sweetmeats, curd, honey, cakes, chocolate & candies on our site. Our chocolates & candies are from famous brands like KitKat, Cadbury, Mars, Safari, Snickers, Bournville, Kinder Joy etc.

Our dry foods & snacks are collected from authentic manufacturers & therefore are the premium in size, taste & flavor. Our huge deliveries include salted peanuts, dry fruits, coated green peas etc.

All kinds of oil, ghee & other cooking spices are available at our site. We also provide pure ghee & mustard oil. For the fish lovers, we have fish/dried fish on our Site; here, you can find fresh sweet water fishes, sea fishes & dried fishes. We also provide canned tuna fish.

So, for the food lovers is like an online treasure; explore it now!  

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