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Trimmer Price in BD - Buy Electric Shaver & Trimmer Online in Bangladesh

The electric shaver also recognized as the dry razor, electric razor, or shaver is a machine including a rotating or oscillating blade. The electric shaver normally does not need the use of shaving cream, soap, or water. The razor may be powered by a tiny DC motor, which is either powered by batteries or troughs electricity. Numerous modern ones are powered by employing rechargeable batteries. Alternatively, an electro-mechanical oscillator driven by an AC-energized solenoid may be practiced. Some very old mechanical shavers had no electric motor and had to be powered by hand, for example by attracting a cord to drive a flywheel.

Electric shavers fall into two principal categories: foil or rotary-style. Users manage to prefer one or the other. Several modern shavers are cordless they are charged up by a plug charger or they are installed within a cleaning and charging unit.


Classification Personal grooming device

  • Typesstraight razor
  • single-edge safety razor
  • double-edge safety razor
  • cartridge razor
  • disposable razor
  • electric razor

A razor is a bladed instrument essentially used in the extraction of body hair throughout the act of shaving. Varieties of razors include straight razors, disposable razors, and electric razors.

While the razor has been in existence considering before the Bronze Age, the most prevalent varieties of razors in the prevailing method are the safety razor and the electric razor, though different species are nevertheless in use.

Battery-powered electric razors

Since at least the mid-1960s, battery-operated electric razors have been available employing rechargeable batteries sealed inside the razor's case, before nickel-cadmium or, further recently, nickel-metal hydride. Some latest shavers practice Lithium-ion batteries that do not undergo from the memory effect. Sealed battery shavers unless they have built-in or outer charging devices. Some shavers may be produced to plug straight into a wall outlet including a swing-out or pop-up plug or have a detachable AC cord. Different shavers have recharging center units that plug into an AC outlet and produce DC power at the base contacts. To prevent any risk of electric shock, shavers intended for wet use ordinarily do not allow corded performance and will not turn on till the charging adapter cord is detached or the shaver is extracted from the charging base.

Razor vs Trimmer

An electric razor and an electric trimmer are basically the equivalent devices by the build. But the major distinction between both appears in terms of their usage and the blades that they appear with.

Electric razors are produced particularly for giving a clean shave. It has lesser battery power but also aggressiveness towards clipping hair. Electric Trimmers, on the opposite hand, are not intended for clean shaves. They appear among special combs fixed onto them that aid in decent grooming and trimming of the imperial stubs to aspired shapes and sizes.

Buy Electric Shaver & Trimmer Online in Bangladesh

Everyone requires to seem like a hero cleaning or setting beard and hair, requires to have a distinctive shape in the hair. Electric trimmers can be one of your favorite style partners to retain hair or beard shaped similar to a favorite star. Among the electric shaver, you can squeeze all the shapes without any prospect of cutting and clutching at your individual goose or beard. Now, a new touch is everywhere. The latest electric shaver is reinstated to the manual razor. You can check for the best electric trimmer price in Bangladesh from Ajkerdeal!

Advantages: light to carry and utilize anywhere. The machine is suitable for a comfortable shave. There is no chance of cutting. It does not need any various shaving cream or lotions. Now two kinds of electric shaver available in the market. Rotary electric shaver, it has two rotating blades rounded. They can be comfortably used during any kind of appearance. The foil electric shaver, on this machine, the blade is concealed behind a tiny sludge steel foil.

Understand the variety of skin you can purchase according to your preference of Electric Shaver. Whose skin and beard-canes are rugged, they can practice a rotary electric shaver. For those whose beard-mustaches expand fast, they can practice foil electric shaver. Choose your preferred electric shaver and clearly perceive the branded shaver or trimer. Check the timer's battery life, the essence of the blades, and the internal arrangement.

Best Trimmers Price in BD

There is every kind of electric shaver available in the store. Additionally, there are lots of brands. These incorporate Kemei, Phillips, Nova, HTC, Norel Speed, Bron series, Panasonic, and many others. Various brands of the electric shaver will cost 500 to 15 thousand takas in superstores. The largest collection of shaver and Trimmers will be accessible online at The costs are very inexpensive and home delivery is accessible.