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There are various superstitions in our society around marriage. The prevalence of these superstitions, especially in rural areas, is rampant. For example, weddings cannot be made on Saturdays, Tuesdays, the new moon and the nourishing month. A birthday wedding is also called evil. Again, the idea of not seeing infertile women on the journey and inviting them is ominous. The new wife should be allowed to sit in a soft place. It will keep her husband’s mood soft.

Nose jewelry such as notes are now hotcakes - there's nothing new to hear about. But of course there is new news. A new trend has come in the nose ring that is trending. For years, the nostalgia with nose jewelry didn't end. Bollywood stars like Vidya Balan, Deepika Padukone, Sonam Kapoor and Sara Ali Khan have seen the latest images on social media. A few years ago, nose jewelry held exclusive possession of gold, diamonds and pearls. Then, by the hoot, the antique style of Rajasthani design, Nose pin  became popular. Nose pin's victory over Bollywood's Hollywood red carpet is over. In our domestic fashion, the trend of trendy nosebleeds is running in parallel. Girls of all ages have come up with jewelry dresses made of silver and mixed metallic exterior designs instead of precious stones like gold, diamonds. Nose jewelry and nasal wood are now the new addition to nose jewelry. Wooden nosebleeds - Although it may seem strange, we can bet you can't turn a blind eye. The color of the cotton pendant on the wood gave the jewelry a new dimension. This new nasal fashion has become very popular among college and university educated young women, working women and newly married women. There are flowers, leaves and butterflies, fire, fish, etc. in the design theme. The geometric style has various shapes with round, triangular or hexagon. The color cotton cloth is used to convey the design. 

There is no metal nose jewelry behind. Metal Nose Pins are constantly appearing in new designs. Young women wear nose ornaments made of silver or oxidized dyes made of local or German silver. Traditional design nose jewelry is now very popular in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India and South India. Six Yards, a popular jewelry store for metal design nosebleeds, is the Six Year Story. get wooden nose pins and nods for 5 bucks. The price of metal nose pins depends on the materials and designs. Large-sized silver nose pins, nails and knobs will be available for between Rs. Prices of metal nasal jewelry start at Tk 20. Various silver nose pins will be found in jewelry stores in Arang, Desidash and Chandni Chalk Market. In addition, you can shop for new jewelry jewelry at various online jewelry shops, including Six Yards Story, Daughters, Glued Together, Ajkerdeal, Hats, Bazaar and Ayesha.

Diamond Nose Pin:

Nakful is called the symbol of good luck in married life. In marriage, the groom gives the nose pin as a sign of blessing, love and good wishes. At one point in the nose pin of the bride the flower gives more light to the surroundings.

The application of the diamond's nosepins always remains. Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold or Platinum is made by nailing the diamond pieces. One stone, three stones, seven stones, floral brass or diamond-shaped diamonds are more common. Depending on the size, the quality of the diamond, the design - the price of a diamond's nosebleed ranges from two and a half thousand to 3,000.

Nose Pins are suitable for brides start at five thousand. Many people like to wear noths.  The biggest online shop is You can find various type of nose pin and find your desired from from there. 



Gold Nose Pin:

With gold, pearls, crystals, stone placement nakful remain. Set of colored stones with gold can also set a number of nosebleeds. The price of gold nose pins and naths is between 200 and twenty thousand. Bride's face size, nasal cavity, choice - choose all things noseful. Small nasal nasal nasal nose and thick nasal nose and nasal nails are more common. Again, the nose of the round nose is incompatible. Round nose is quite adaptable to the nose. Bright light in the nose of the bride to come in the new days. Good luck. Buy original gold nose pin from your most trusted online shop and stay happy. 

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