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There are two styles of knife, spoon or fork-spoon use. One is European, the other is American. The knife is in the right hand and spoon or fork-spoon in the left hand when eating in European style. Every time one has to cut the food and then put it in the mouth. The knife and spoon have to hold in two hands throughout the meal. 

While eating a meal in American style one has to cut a few grasps with a knife and fork-spoon. At mealtime, the knife is placed on a plate with a fork spoon and eaten. The fork spoon has to hold in the right hand. When using a fork spoon and holding the upper part of the hand with the thumb, forefinger and middle right hand. The forks tighten the spoon and help to keep the forks facing upwards. At this point, the sharp edge of the left-handed knife faces downward. When using the knife in the right hand, the knife will be on the palm of the hand and the index finger just above the handle, so that the knife blade can be applied.

At the break of the meal, a fork spoon should be crossed over a knife. Its thorns will be facing downwards. The knife and fork spoon should be kept side by side after eating. A spoon shouldn’t hold tightly. Besides, it is very bad to talk with someone holding a spoon or knife in the hand.

Rule of Eating Different Food 

Rice is usually eaten with both spoons and a fork-spoon. The boneless chicken is eaten with a fork spoon. Knives can also be used if desired. Kababs, cutlets are also eaten with a fork spoon and knife. Noodles, pasta, spaghetti, etc are eaten with a fork spoon. Spoon or fork spoon should be properly infused before meals. 

Fish are usually eaten with a fork spoon and knife. A fish knife can be used if desired. While cutting the fish, first must have to catch the fish with a fork spoon. Then just the tail should be cut along from the head to the tail along the middle. Then the fish knife should be used to loosen the fish from the middle to the side. The fish should eat from the upper part to the lower part. After removing the thorns with a knife, the bottom will have to be eaten, then there will be a benefit to eating. Fish Knife will be in his right hand. Besides, a proper knife and fork spoon should be used during the meal. 

The soup knife is different than the others. When the soup is hot, it should be cooled with a spoon. The soup should be poured into the mouth with a spoon full of soup. The side of the spoon will enter the mouth, but not the edge of the spoon. When the soup is finished eating, a spoon of the soup is to be placed on the plate of the soup. A spoon should not be placed inside the cup. If the soup is served in a separate bowl, the spoon of the soup should be placed on the plate under the cup of soup.

A special spoon is used for pickling, called pickles spoon. Nowadays a spoon is also used to stir water or juice. Its name is a drinking spoon. With a spiny body and small round head, these spoons are taller than the length of the glass, so that the spoon does not sink inside the glass.

If the egg poach or omelet is served with toast, then it is best to use a knife and a fork spoon. Or just a fork spoon can be used. Burgers, hotdogs, patties can be eaten by hand. Fruit or vegetable salads are eaten with a knife or a fork spoon. Depending on the food, it is eaten with a variety of dessert spoons, fork spoon or small spoon.

Once a meal has been taken, the bites should never be put back into the main container again. This is an extreme discourtesy. And it is also a bad manner. Besides, it is advisable to grab a spoon of curry with the right hand while eating with hands. 


Some Important Rules of Using Spoon and Forks in Dining Table

1) Keeping the Knife and Spoon Across to Each Other

This means that the customer is taking rest meanwhile eating, and he will start eating again after a while.


2) Holding the Knife and Spoon as a ‘Plus’ Mark

The addition of a knife and a spoon as a mark between the plates means that the customer is ready to eat the second plate and the waiter will serve it to him or her.


3) Keeping the Knife and Spoon Long and Putting it Aside to Each Other

Keeping a knife spoon as well as tall means that the food is finished eating and the waiter can clean the table.


4) Keep the Knife and Spoon Acrossly at a Side

Holding a knife and spoon in the cross position means that the customer has finished eating and has been very fond of food.


5) Putting the Knife Inside the Spoon

Putting a knife inside the spoon means that the customer is finished eating, but dislikes the food.


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