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Kitchen knife is basically any set of knife which is used to process food. There are some types of kitchen knives such as paring knife basically known as vegetable knife, cook’s knife which is a large all-purpose knife, bread knife also known as long serrated blade. Other nice knives to have are boning, calving, filleting etc.

Stainless steel knives are the cheapest ones and it takes a long time to sharpen again. Carbon steel is more expensive one; this metal is hard and simple to keep sharp. You can also try ceramic blades which are 10 times harder than the carbon steel. Almost all the knives need to be sharpening at one point.

Chef’s Knife is by far the most used knife in your kitchen. It’s perfect for almost any kind of task like chopping, dicing, mincing and slicing. While it’s a multi-purpose knife it shouldn’t be used to peel the skin of vegetables.

Carving Knife is bound to be your best friend. With a long thin blade this knife is perfect for cutting large pieces of meat into even. Avoid using this knife for cutting vegetables.

Paring Knife is extremely handy. Peeling & slicing small fruits and vegetable as well as trimming them are easier with paring knives. Avoid using this knife for cutting tough vegetables like carrots.

Utility Knife is smaller than chef’s knife but larger than paring knife. Everyday task like cutting cheese or slicing meats is easy with this knife. While utility knives are versatile tools but save the mincing for smaller knife.

Santoku Knife is great because they combine the feature of chef’s knife and a cleaver. This is excellent for chopping vegetables and the blade works well when slicing food on a wooden cutting board.

Cleaver is a heavyweight knife which will help you out with all things with meat. Cutting through bones in a single stoke, the cleaver uses its weight to cut through bones. Avoid slicing with this knife.

Bread Knife is usually used for cutting through soft, fresh bread. Its edge is also great for gripping foods with slippery surface like pineapples or watermelons. However this knife is too wide for cutting smaller fruits and vegetables effectively.

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