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Buy Serving Set & Tray Online In Bangladesh At Affordable Price


If you are having a large dinner party or are hosting a large family gathering, you may need to prepare something special to manage at your dining table as well as dining room. You must have a serving set & tray for managing your guests. 

So, if you are looking for your dining room, an initiative serving set & tray then browse through the site and find your choice-able kitchen items. 

Serving Set Is Part Of The Serveware Collection

Usually, Serveware defines the meaning of something going to serve or to present. There are lots of serveware collections that exist like modern, entertaining, wooden, party, buffet, crystal, appetizer, acrylic serveware.

Types Of Food Serving Set & Tray

When we bring food from the kitchen and decorate the dining we must use a serving set. Even we serve food to the guest by this serving tray or sets. There are lots of serving set & Tray items used for different purposes mainly food servicing. For example-

  • Party Serving Trays
  • Decorative Serving Set
  • Plastic Made Serving Tray
  • Glass Serving Tray
  • Wooden Serving Tray
  • Silver & Gold Type Serving Trays
  • Catering Serving Set
  • Ceramic Serving Set & Tray
  • Paper Food Serving Trays
  • Restaurant Serving Tray
  • Cane Made Food Serving Set & Tray
  • Traditional Serving Set
  • Bamboo Food Serving Set & Tray

Serving Food Set & Tray Is Needed To Present The Food Nicely

Serving a meal beautifully is also a creative act, and guests appreciate it. This way of servicing is also very important to present beautifully. You must have all the items of the servicing set like a tray that also should be decorative or colorful. 


What Kind Of Food Serving Tray Is Better?

People prefer for many types of serving bowls, trays or any type of set. There are many collections to select according to taste and types of foods. Some use metal trays to serve the juice or water, some use wooden trays to serve the tea. Some people use a serving set as dishware to display the food items. 

Serving Set & Tray Collection In Bangladesh

When you buy something an exclusive collection, you must visit ajkerdeal site to get to know the variety of collections that exist here. Here, we give you some listed products item such as-

  • Handmade Tray & Tea Cup Set
  • Stainless Steel Tray
  • Cake, Sweet, Fruit & Nut Glass Stand
  • Cake Stands Tray
  • Fish Size Tray In Medium
  • Rikshaw Design Tea Tray
  • Catering Serving Tray
  • Stainless Steel Serving Tray In 10 & 12 Inch
  • ORR Sell Point T Craft Wooden made Tray Set
  • Colorful Serving Set
  • Glass made Serving Stand
  • Eco-Friendly Handmade Tea Service Set
  • Canemade Serving Tray
  • Plastic Serving Tray

Food Serving Set & Tray Size Is Important

Food Serving Set & Tray size is also an important matter to remember. Because the size of the trays always maintains how the food displays on that. Several types of serving set & tray shapes like Oval, Rectangle, Round, Square and Flat or flattened shape are used for serving food. 


Shop For Serving Set & Tray From

If You are looking for a window shop for Kitchen & Dining products to arrange your dining table for the festive day as well as search for a variation of Food Serving Sets & Trays then browse our Ajkerdeal website. 


Handmade Tray & Tea Cup Set For Dining Table

Hand made trays and T-cup Set made with the material of Coconut shell, bamboo, and wood. It consists of a 4-Piece Tea-Cup Set which is made in a Coconut shell and 1 piece tray made of bamboo. The tray size is (length-38cm x wide-24cm), and cup (wide: 7cm x dip: 7cm).


Wooden Made Tray Set

We offer our customers the best wooden made Tray set with 4 pcs. It has nice decoration with an engraved design which is perfect for your table presentation. This tray Length is - 18 inch, Width-15 inch, and Height -3.5 inch. 


Rickshaw Design Tea Tray Set

Rickshaw art is the best artistic work in our country. This artistic work is presented in various art forms and painted into many things like dress, glasswork even tray sets. If you want a Rickshaw design tea tray set to decorate your drawing room as well as the dining room then visit our site. 


Cake, Sweet, Fruit & Nut Glass Stand

We provide the 2 Section side Glass Stand Set. This can be used for food storage and perfect for serving sweets, cakes, fruits, nuts, etc. You can decorate your dining table and showcase with it. This Glass stand is easily used and attractive to watch too. You also can use this as a gift item.