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Cooking Oil, Ghee & Spices in Bangladesh at Cheap Price


One of the most important ingredients in cooking is a variety of spices. Spices are used in a variety of ways, both as a whole and as a powder. When it comes to cooking, spices are used as needed. Because of the spices, the taste of each food is different. So if you want to cook well, you must have a clear idea about different spices. With the use of quantity and moderate spices, the food becomes nice and delicious.


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Cooking Oil

Oil is the most common ingredient for every kitchen. Enjoy any meal without harmful impacts on your heart, blood sugar, and overall health with healthy cooking oil from Browse through our site for a wide range of oil including sunflower oil, mustard oil, cumin oil, sesame oil, and many more for your kitchen need. The sunflower oil help reduces cholesterol and ensures your good health. 


Some Cooking Oils Description Are Given Below



Ghee is one of our favorite food products. There is no comparison between hot rice and ghee. This is called clarified butter. It contains animal fats. There is also saturated fat and cholesterol. Ghee contains several healthy ingredients. The use of ghee in cooking is very healthy.


Olive Oil

This mono-unsaturated oil works well in reducing bad cholesterol. Its extra virgin salad brings extra flavor. However, this oil is very good for low heat cooking.


Sunflower Oil

Sunflower oil is one of the most widely used cooking oils in the subcontinent. It contains linoleic acid which helps to reduce both harmful and beneficial cholesterol in the body. It can also be used mixed with palm olein oil. An oil that is great for cooking food.


Almond Oil

Almonds are healthy food. Its oil will also be healthy. Almond oil removes bad cholesterol from the body. Almond oil is prepared in two processes filtered and refounded. This oil is very popular for frying, grilling, and tampering. One of the best oils for the body.


Rice Bran Oil

This oil has become quite popular in our country. This oil contains cholesterol-lowering ingredients. There are also natural vitamin E and antioxidants. The oil becomes more useful in high-temperature cooking. Rice bran oil brings good taste in cooking any kind of food. Foods absorb 12-25 percent less oil than almond oil.


Mustard Oil

Mustard oil is very common in many countries including our country. It has a pungent odor and taste. Refined mustard oil is used as vegetable oil. It contains high levels of mono-unsaturated and poly-unsaturated ingredients. Very few vegetables contain these ingredients. There is a risk of harm if you use too much. However, this oil is good in everyday cooking.


Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is used in cooking in Sri Lanka, including southern India. However, in our country, people know it as hair oil. It contains vegetable fats. It does not contain cholesterol. It can be used in combination with other oils. It is a very healthy oil.



There are some spices that need to be added only after the cooking is over. For example - fried cumin powder, hot spice powder, etc. When the cooking is over, spread it on top and shake lightly and turn off the oven after one minute. If you want, you can add black pepper and raw cumin, it will make a difference in taste. Although onion is not a spice, many people like onion barista. This adds extra flavor to the food. Onions should be sprinkled on top before serving.


Cooking vegetables does not require too many spices, but the use of a few spices can increase the nutritional value and taste of vegetables several times. Vegetables, pulses, vegetables, etc. are given seasoning in various foods. Heat the oil in frying fenugreek and add bay leaves and fenugreek. After adding that oil to the curry, you can get both the taste and the smell of fenugreek. And you have to give garlic to the vegetables. Fry the dried chilies, onion, and garlic in oil and pour the oil over the vegetables.


Vegetables must be boiled first. Once boiled, add cumin ginger paste and a little turmeric powder. When giving the seasoning, bay leaves and dried chilies should be given. It would be better to chop dried chilies while giving seasoning. Finally, one spoon of ghee should be given with mix fried powder. Then the stove should be turn off and cover for a while. provides a wide range of cooking oil, ghee, and spices for your kitchen needs. Buy all types of food and beverage online from and enjoy a hassle-free and ease cooking for your family.