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There is not much time left to hear this hot weather around. The summer has come. And the main companion is the fan to get comfortable this summer.

There was a time when there was no fan name device. The only way humans could cool themselves was by hand. Later it passed several steps and wrote the current fan name on the mechanical fan. There are many different types and types of fans.

Speaking of the fan, the first thing that comes to mind is the ceiling fan. This fan is made up of three fans and a round smooth plate in the middle. The tall one is attached to an iron stand and it is hung against the wall. Then comes the stand fan. It is mounted on a round wheel with the help of a long stand. It is enclosed by a spherical mesh. This fan has four to three fans. It can wind very quickly, medium or slowly. It looks like a stand fan but it is a small fan named table fan in size.

Then comes the multi-functional fan. It looks like a table fan. Finally comes the name of the Charger fan. It can run in two ways without electricity and electricity. It is portable and quite small in size. Some charger fans also have lights on. The largest online marketplace in BD, has a wide variety of multi-functional fans online at the best price. For multi-functional fan prices, visit our site, go the home appliances category and select fan> multi-functional fan. Order now!


Rechargeable folding table fan online in BD


Product details of SM 6610 - 

  • Supermoon Rechargeable Folding Table Fan with Light 
  • Power source: 220-240 V - 50/60 Hz 
  • 4V 3000 mAh sealed lead acid rechargeable battery 
  • Wind source: Three fan blades 
  • 220 V AC charge time: 15-20 hours 
  • DC hole charge time 4-6 hours 
  • Dimension: 255*210*150 mm

The rechargeable folding table fan online price is 950 taka only. Shop now!

Miyako KL-2396 (14) Re-Chargeable Fan price in BD:


Miyako KL-2396 (14″) Re-Chargeable Fan


  • Product type: Rechargeable Fan
  • Model: KL 2396
  • Color: Red
  • Power: 30W
  • Model: KL 2396
  • Weight (kg):2
  • Type: Rechargeable Fan

Miyako KL-2396 (14) Re-Chargeable Fan price is 5200 taka. 


Portable Rechargeable Fan With 30SMD -Led Light online price in BD: 


  • High-Quality product 
  • Rechargeable Fan 
  • 1600 mAh Battery 
  • Table-Fan With Light 
  • Folding Design 
  • Long-lasting Usage 
  • 4-Hours battery backup time

Portable Rechargeable Fan With 30SMD -Led Light price is 686 taka only. Order online now!


Shop LED Light Clock USB Fan online in BD:

Simple, full of wind Stylish and elegant, you can freely change the angle turn, control the direction. For desktop and notebook computers; Innovative design USB fan can make you more comfortable at work; Flexible metal bellows allows USB fan blowing in any direction; Lightweight and compact volume; Soft leaves very safe, even when rotating blades will not run into injury or pain; Noise, do not disturb your work; Plug and play, as long as you insert the USB port, and immediately be able to produce bursts of cool; Power consumption is less than 150mA.

 LED Light Clock USB Fan price is 1000 taka only. Shop at our site now!

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