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৳ 2,299/-

Pen Camera

৳ 2,300/-

HD Digital Cameras

৳ 11,500/-

Full HD 1080P Camera

৳ 11,500/-

Digital Cameras in Bangladesh |


A camera can be your perfect companion while travelling on holidays. Find your perfect companion online. is your online camera store for finding the best camera online.

Shoot anywhere, anytime with the best quality cameras according to your needs.There are various types of camera like HD video camera, IP camera, DSLR camera, digital camera, CC camera, night vision camera and many more with different models available at our site.

Digital camera

A digital camera is a camera that produces single-frame, still images which are stored in memory, displayed on a screen. We love to take pictures in our occasions even in our daily life. Most of us use digital camera; it’s very easy to use and can produce good quality image. Anyone can use this camera and can take goood picture with their beloved ones. Photo quality are good and there are various types of digital camera. Now a days Digil cameras have good lens and has zoom in capability.


Digital Single Lens Reflector Camera is for those who like to take professional quality picture. You can control each and every section manually also automatically or semi-automatic. It is good for image as well as video also. Photographers usually use this type of camera. High megapixel and external lenses produces accurate picture plus like the way you want to talke them. You have full access to customize the option in details to make your image even more attractive.

Camera Accessories

While using camera we need some accessories to do some extra stuff from them. Like you need camera bag, tripod, shutter release, external flash, UV filters, lens cleaner; there are lots of them. They have different usage for each of them and we need them in various situation. AjkerDeal offers a huge collection of camera accessories from where you will find quality product to enrich your photo quality.


Our site enrich with digital HD video camera which comes with full of all the smart features. They are ideal to record and capture your special moments.The different shooting modes are efficient to experience the best shooting performance. There also include lithium-ion battery to power your device for a long time you need. 

There are DSLR cameras which gives nice photo capturing experience like a professional photographer. There are also night vision cameras which are built in high performance.

They come in a wide variety of style, size and pattern. They also come with ergonomic design. They also support Wi-Fi function. They come with waterproof feature to allow you to take picture in the swimming pool. They also come with a wide array of features to satiate your photography needs.

We have the top quality Canon digital cameras in Bangladesh; here, you will also find the famous camera brands like Sony, Nikon, Xiaomi, Jovision, Fujifilm and many more. They come with service warranty from the manufacturer. 

Record your memories with the best collection of cameras online. Find all the gadgets at a great price from and get it directly delivered to your doorstep. We have a good collection of gadgets, which you can have a look to find out if you need anything in our gadgets section. Enjoy a hassle-free online shopping experience with exclusive offers.