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Some time ago the tasks of the kitchen are considered as a weight for housewives and for them dealing with the kitchen was so hopeless. Be that as it may, nowadays with the changing situation of the world and with the advancement of current advances, the errands of the kitchen has turned out to be less demanding.

As nourishment keeps us alive, so "kitchen and dining" is the part and bundle of our everyday life. What's more, to keep your kitchen and lounge areas very much prepared, Enfield-BD offers countless present-day kitchen& eating items for you. What do you require? Here, we have everything for a you-from spoon to the fridge, egg blender to enlistment cooker-all under a solitary online umbrella-simply visit the Site and see the enchantment of web-based shopping in Bangladesh.

Best Quality Cookers, Oven, Grill Maker in the Country:

We have the most splendid collection of kitchen appliances & accessories on our Site that includes refrigerator & freezer, crockery, cutlery, cookware sets, stoves, ovengrill machineinduction cookersrice cookerspressure cookersblendersgrindersegg boiler & a lot more stuff. In crockery section, find plates, dishes, glasses, jugs, serving tray, tea-set, coffee mugs, jars & pots etc. which are much needed for serving food.

Best Quality Slicer, Peeler, Chopper & Kitchen Knives:

Technology has turned our life much easier now a day. We have already given up the traditional ways of cutting & chopping; a range of tools have already taken place in our kitchen to let us work at ease-you will find all of them on our Site. You will get slicer peeler & chopperkitchen knife, kitchen scissors, meat tenderizer & such type of other products on AjkerDeal.

Ruti, Puri & Noodles Maker:

Working women also love to prepare roti, puri, biscuits or noodles at home for their family members; but after spending busy hours in their workplaces, it's really difficult for them to spend enough time to prepare these items through a manual process; to let them make these stuff in a relaxing way, we have roti & puri makersbiscuit & cake makersnoodles &semai makers & dough makers.

We have kettle & water heatersandwich maker & toaster and coffee maker & warmer to let you enjoy a fine tea time. provide you with the best selection of kitchen& dining products in Bangladesh just to keep you relaxed & convenient.c Our kitchen & Dining products include a number of renowned brands such as Jaipan, Nima, Shimizu, Novena, Geepas, Hawkins, Kiam, Miyako, Panasonic, Philips, Donlim, Prestige & many more.

The largest online shop of Bangladesh,, has various types of kitchen related products which can make life easier for housewives. In this site, you will find essential tools like slicer and peeler, by which the hardest job of any cooking like, slicing onions has become normal.

In a professional life, the essence of the lunch box is inevitable and in this online site, you will discover various types of lunch boxes. There are differences in their range of capacity, colors, and designs and you can choose your desired one from a large collection of this site. Along with this, you will find products like hot boxes, which are necessary to keep the food warm.

Everyone wants to keep their kitchen neat and tidy, so for preventing the haphazardness of the kitchen, has decorated their site with different types of kitchen rack and shelves. The most common materials which are used to form those racks and shelves are plastic and stainless steel. There are verities in their dimensions and designs as well. So, a tidy person will love this segment under ‘Kitchen and Dining’ category.