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Metal Detector Security Gate in Bangladesh

Walk Through Metal Detector

This is basically a gate through which people can walk easily. When someone walks through this gate, it is automatically scanned from head to toe. If there is metal anywhere in the body, the machine will tell you in two ways whether the person who has passed through the gate has any metal goods.


Through the indicator light: In the part of the body metal is exist, there will be a red light in that part of the metal detector. There are some places where the sound is not used, where this indicator light is used. And the sound system, the machine will indicate that the metal exists in the body.

Walkthrough metal detectors are in different zones. For example, 6 zone metal detectors, 8 zone metal detectors, 33 zones metal detectors etc. The more zones, the greater the detection capacity.

For example, a 6 zones machine, when a person passes through this machine, will be scanned by six zones. Again, if someone wants to pass through an arched gate of 33 zones, he will be divided into 33 different zones to scanned.

In order to get accurate and less accurate scan results, the 33-zone or more zone's Walk Through Metal Detector is used.

Moreover, there is a special feature of this machine is the head counting. This machine will count how many people have passed through this gate.

To operate this machine you need 220 watts of power. Some machines have the default battery options for backups. Besides, IPS can be used as a power backup.

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