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Mini USB Gadget in Bangladesh | provides a wide range of mini USB fan, mini USB freeze and mini USB air cooler online at a great price. They come in a wide variety of styles, pattern and sizes. The mini USB fan appears with a small, compact and portable design. They can be used in any place, any time. They are ideal to use in office, home, car and outdoor.

They are perfect companion with power banks. These portable USB powered cooling fan brings you pleasant cool breeze instantly. They are made of environment-friendly material and are safe and easy to use. There are plenty of USB fans available at our site which provides perfect durability and made of high-quality material.

Mini USB Fan

Even in a recent skyscraper similar to the one editors work in, the air conditioning can do so much when the blazing sun is blasting over the windows. A desk fan can appear to the rescue, particularly when the summer heat enhances unbearable. And we don't mean those bulky, loud things you have to hunt for an outlet to close into. What you require is a fan that is powered over USB. 

Various USB fans are dense and lightweight, and the perfect ones are powerful enough to preserve your body temperature in check while staying quiet enough as to not upset your work next-door-neighbor. And because they are USB-powered, they can plug into a computer including a free USB port, a USB hub, a power bank, or a wall outlet employing a USB adapter.

Laptop Cooler

A laptop/notebook cooler, cooler pad or chill mat is an assistant for laptop users that assists reduce their operating temperature, which is normally used when the laptop is unable to sufficiently cool itself. Laptop coolers are intended to defend both the laptop from overheating and the user from suffering heat-related discomfort. Active coolers move air or liquid to conduct heat away from the laptop immediately, while passive methods may rely on thermally conductive materials or developing passive airflow.

USB lamplight!

We thought we’d tell you a product that is already quite popular but you might not have observed it. It’s a USB lamp that is currently accessible at a great price. The thought is easy, you plug it into a USB port on your laptop, desktop or even power bank and boom, it will start working.

The smart LED light is excellent for reading, practicing your computer, and could even be used as a torch when connected to a power bank! If your keyboard is not backlit or you just require a little higher light this is a handy little product. Hint, if you require to make the light even brighter you could indeed try to remove the diffuser, or if you want different light for a separate area why not purchase a few.

USB Air Cooler 

This is a high-quality Portable Laptop/PC USB Air Cooler Cooling Fan. The pitch angle can be modified upwards or downwards. Including key switch. USB Powered, no external power needed. Plug and play, simple install and switch. Durable soft fan blades deliver you loose of injury. Super mute. Air volume comfort, proper to use for all seasons. Mini Fragrance Air conditioner Cooling Fan is constructed of tough hard plastic material, and powered by 3 AA batteries and USB cable to produce strong wind with low power consumption. Among desktop design and simple to use, it is an excellent mini air-conditioning fragrance fan for selection. You can add scent particles and 50ml water toward the storage box inside the fan, to give off fragrance Moreover, you also can add ice or ice water into the storage box to accommodate freezing air to let you tell goodbye to hot air.

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Keep your beverage cool with the mini USB freeze. They are also ideal to keep your beverage cool and hot as there are cooling and heating functions. Its built-in cooling plate quickly drops to its lowest operating temperature within five minutes after being plugged in. It can work with any computer operating system and does not require any batteries.

Just add cold water to the box and enjoy instant cool with the mini USB air cooler. With these little gadgets, now you can get relief from hot summer. Just plug and play through your computer’s USB interface. We offer a wide range of mini USB gadgets online for your ease. Buy mini USB gadgets online from and enjoy a hassle-free online shopping experience with exclusive offers.