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Buy Makeup Foundation Online in Bangladesh

Foundation is a common piece of makeup on every girl’s dressing table. You can now buy women's cosmetics makeup foundation online in Bangladesh. Foundation is a powder or liquid makeup that is applied on the face to create an even and uniform complexion. It is also used sometimes to change the natural skin tone. Some foundations have multiple functions such as sunscreen, moisturizer or base layer. There is a kind of foundation that is applied to the body that is called body painting or body makeup. Ajkerdeal has a good collection of some of the best makeup foundations. You can order them now online from ajkerdeal and it will be on your front door within just a couple of days.

Benefits of using a foundation:

Foundations are mainly used as a base for makeup or as a complexion tool. But there are some other secondary benefits that you will get if you use a good foundation. We have made a list of these benefits so that you can choose a good foundation for yourself.


Using foundation can defend your skin from the ultraviolet ray of the sun. there are two kinds of sun protection one is natural and the other one is chemical. The chemical sunscreens absorb the UV ray and the natural sunscreens block the UV ray. Foundation acts as a natural sunscreen and they block the UV ray and deflect them from the skin.

Better Coverage:

If you apply the traditional makeups directly to your skin it might not hive you a full coverage as most of the makeups are made of talk and talk does not sit on skin perfectly. If you have a soft and buttery skin then the talk based makeup will never sit on your skin. So, if you use a foundation then you can apply other makeups on it and it will give you proper coverage.


The modern age is the age of HD cameras. And with an HD camera, you can see even the minor details. A good foundation that matches your skin tone can cover any spot on your face yet makes you look natural. So, whenever you are going to a party, a wedding or any social gathering where you expect to snap some pictures you should apply foundation makeup.

Skin Type:

Foundations are made in such a way that it is suitable for all kinds of skin no matter what type of skin you have oily, dry or combined skin you can easily use foundation on your skin. Though the type of your skin determines the process of application of the foundation. It is important for all kinds of skin to be hydrated before applying the foundation so the foundation will get a moisturized surface to sit on.

Sensitive Skin:

A good foundation is best for sensitive skin. If you have sensitive skin then it is a must that you use a foundation. Some times applying regular makeups directly on skin can cause allergy or rashes. But if you use a foundation first underneath the makeup, the regular makeups do not come directly in contact with your skin and it does not cause any irritation to your skin.


Regular makeup is not for a very long time. They can wear off after a while. But if you apply a layer of foundation then it will hold itself and the makeup that you would apply over it. If you are planning to do makeover for a whole day then you must apply foundation firs or else you have to find a mirror after every while. 

Good for Rosacea:

The foundation is free from all kinds of irritating ingredients. When it is applied, it smoothly gels with the skin. Foundations do not use any harmful chemical dyes. So it is a good choice for those who have rosacea. It also helps cover and correct the surface redness of the skin.

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