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Original Quality Wired Mouse Price in BD

In our daily life, we can use lots of wired based electronics things to make sure for the comforts as well as the easy way to handle things. AjkerDeal provides the best manufacturing and high-quality Computer wired accessories like Mouse with the various types of category products. Let’s visit our site and get the price details of Wired accessories.   check out the original quality wired mouse price in bd and buy online.

Wired Accessories

There are types of Wired accessories in the network of wires used in an electrical system, devices, or circuit. Basically, we are always used and concerned for the personal electronics devices which are actually based on the Wired Accessories products. Like the cables, battery packs, cheap earbuds, laptop case, computer mouse and super sound system of headphones. 

Products Of Wired Accessories 

  • RP-SMA Plug Crimp
  • 400,600 series of Cable
  • Multi Connector Cable
  • Intellinet Network Solution
  • Powerlines
  • Network Cards
  • Net Toner & Kit Toner Generator
  • TPDIN Remote Monitor & Control System
  • USB Charging Dock
  • Pro Grade Crimping Tools
  • USB Mouse

AjkerDeal site has various categories of wired accessories products in Wired speakers, Headphones, Gaming mouses, Computer Accessories and so many more.

Buy Wired Mouse From in Bangladesh 

You can find the most convenient product collection in Bangladesh from the website with more than thousands of different types of personal needs. In our sites, you will get a variety of Computer Accessories Of Wired Products.

USB Mouse

You will get an optical USB Wired Mouse with an ergonomic design. It has 10000 DPI Resolution, USB 2.0 Plug & Play, 3D button system. 

Icteck IM-115 Optical Mouse

This IC TECK IM mouse type is optical with the 400 or 800 DPI. It will be used without a mouse pad and easy to control. On our online site, you can get this Optical mouse in 115 models of IC TECK IM Mouse in a Black Colour at a suitable price range.

Mini USB Optical Mouse

Mini USB Optical Mouse imported from China, This mouse is suitable for any electronic devices like Laptop, Notebook, and desktop tablet computers.

Dell USB Optical Mouse

Dell USB Optical Mouse is popular in the Dell Brand of Computer Technological company. Dell Company has various computer mouse in wireless and wired optical types. 

On our site, you can choose from any type of mouse, also get the Dell USB Mouse with a compatible 3 Button Wired Mouse. This is perfect for the gaming Mouse.  

A-Tech USB OP 1100 Optical Mouse

A-Tech USB Optical Mouse is the wired system of Mouse. It has 3 Button in the left, right and scrolling button in the scroll wheel mechanical type. This mouse with Resolution in 100DPI and sensor is optical so, cursor control is so smooth and accurate. 

Syntax High Precision Optical Mouse

Syntex Optical Mouse is referred to as the high precision Mouse with ergonomics design. It has optical engine technology with 1480 DPI resolution. This optical sensor type mouse is 4 buttons of 2X Double click Button & Scroll wheel. 

If you want High precision of Optical Mouse then visit our site and get the Black Colour of Wired Optical Mouse at an affordable price.

Micro Pack Wired Optical Mouse

Micro Pack Optical Mouse is the standard optical mouse with 5 Million times in switch life. This mouse resolution in a Real 1000DPI high resolution.  

Micro Pack Mouse is a comfortable hand with clump weight and thick cable (OD 3.2mm) to improve the durability. It will be supported in the Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Win7/8/10, Linux and Mac OS higher version.

OP 6200 Padless Mouse Of A4 Teck 

A4 Teck company is well-known Computer hardware and electronic accessories company. A4 Teck USB Optical mouse is also very famous for every single person who actually used this. This mouse is also a wired accessories application that we always used on for desktop and laptops.   

A4 Teck Optical mouse is found with the feature of Padless Mouse that runs anywhere without a pad. USB Padless Mouse Of A4 Teck is 2X click optical mouse in 4.68L x 2.48W x 1.39H dimension. It also a Plug & plag system of a mouse that specifically used for Windows 98/ ME/ 2000/ XP(X64)/ 2003(X64)/ MCE2005/ Vista X86&X64.