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The glue gun is like a pistol, which is used to insert a stick of glue or glue inside. The glue stick has to buy separately. The glue stick is made in the shape of the stick to use with the glue gun. This glue stick is specially made for glue stick only. You can buy glue guns and glue sticks online from the huge collections available at


Working Procedure of the Glue Gun

When the glue song works, heat is generated inside it. The heat melts the glue stick. Then the stick becomes soft glue and helps to attach something.

Super glue is made of cyanoacrylate and is the main ingredient of super glue. Its chemical signal is C5H5NO2. Cyanoacrylate is a type of acrylic resin, whose main religion is to form a very strong bond within a moment. The hydroxyl ions of water help in the formation of this bond. Almost a small amount of water is present on the surface of all the objects, so with superglue, it reaches very quickly with that object.

Besides, water also exists in the form of water vapor in the air. When the cyanoacrylate molecule reacts with water, it reacts and forms a plastic mesh. When the glue starts to tighten, the plastic mesh can no longer move. As a result, the bond becomes stronger. But if super glue cannot absorb enough water vapor, the bonding process of the glue will not begin, and the glue will not be too hard.


Various Uses of Glue Gun

Hang the Clothes in the Hanger with Glue Gun

Glue gun prevents the problem of falling clothes from the hangers. With a glue gun, a few drops at a certain distance should be placed on two sides of the hanger. As a result, the clothes will not fall back.

When The Finger Ring is Loose

If one is afraid of losing the ring finger slipping from the finger, then the glue gun can help solve this problem. Take a little hot glue over the wood. Then dip the back of the ring into the glue. The glue will dry out in just a few seconds. Then cut off the excess of glue with scissors and will not open the ring again after taking the finger.

Door Mat Will Not Slip

Many times, the doormat becomes slippery and people fall behind. In this case, a few drops of glue on the opposite side of the doormat using the glue gun can be useful. This will prevent the doormat not to slip.

Making a Brush Cleaning Board Using Glue Gun

To clean something, like a brush, make a variety of textures with a glue gun on a selected board, such as tall, dot or landscape. Then wait for the glue to dry. After drying, various kinds of brushes can be cleaned by rubbing on the board.

Protect the Shoes from Slipping

If any shoe cannot be worn because of its slippery surface,

then the opposite side of the shoe can be gripped with a glue gun. A few drops of glue can be enough. Thus a shoe can be used without any hassle.

Fixing a Torn Cable

If a cable or wire became torn, screw a spring over the cable and then apply glue using the glue gun. Then the wire can be safely used.

The Use of Glue Gun for Various Crafting and Designing 

Nowadays glue gun is quite available and very convenient to use it. Different pieces of paper can be easily designed and combined using a glue gun.


Details of Some of the Glue Gun and Glue Sticks that are available at

Electric Hot Melt Glue Gun

The function of this glue song is to set artificial flowers, making wood or plastic equipment, tighten the circuit board to a specific location. It is also a powerful tool for working on craft projects, furniture, and woodwork. Its power is 80 watts. Different colors are available.

Hot Melt Glue Song (Large Size)

It is extremely easy to use and can work very quickly.

Where used: In toys, artificial flowers, on glass, on cupboards, on carpets, on metal plates, on wood-like furniture, in shoes, etc.

Glue Stick (Set of 10 Pieces)

Its function is to place the circuit board tightly in place, to attach or attach wood or plastic equipment, to artificial fissures, craft projects, furniture, and woodwork.

There are 10 glue sticks in one pack.


Glue Gun and Soldering Iron Combo

Melting Glue Gun

Artificial Flower Installation, Craft Projects, Wood or Plastic Equipments, Circuit Boards Strongly Plated by This glue gun.

An important tool for furniture and woodworking. Its tools power is 60 watts and the colors are two: black and blue.

Soldering Iron

This is a more advanced and standard modern installation. Its color or lead dissolves very easily. Apart from this, the coils are not likely to be burned due to the high quality.

The welding using it is tough and lasting. It’s capacity: 40 to 60 watts. It is made in Japan and its color is sky blue.


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