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Internet Protocol camera, commonly known as IP camera, transmits digital video through an internet connection rather than a video over video camera to the monitors. This camera is mostly used for surveillance. These are also known as security cameras. There are lots of benefits to using these cameras rather than analogue technology. You can have remote administration from any location. You can now access everything from your smartphone as well. Once you have connected your camera to the network connection, it is ready to work.


If you want to install a video surveillance system in your home, an IP camera may be the ideal choice. These cameras are connected to the Internet. They allow us to easily monitor a home or office remotely. Also, document footage can be saved to an SD card or an external drive. They often have a sensor to detect suspicious movements and a night vision system - in short, everything that can be used to effectively monitor the home without spending an external amount.


These type cameras are devices capable of connecting to the Internet and controlling themselves remotely. They can send and receive data via the Internet or local networks and communicate with devices such as PCs, mobile phones, and tablets. This means that an IP camera can stream real-time footage on PCs, mobile phones or tablets, or devices connected to the local network, such as NVR and DVR. This aspect of separating these cameras from so-called cameras allows the control of the environment to control the environment from any location in the world. This camera removes this limitation by relying on the Internet. Although these cameras have only been successful in recent times, thanks to the widespread expansion of the Internet, these devices have been on the market since the second half of the 90s, but they were very expensive and therefore almost exclusively in the business market. Over time, the cost of these cameras has dropped, and their setup procedures have been simplified.


An IP camera can be cost-effective compared to an analogue camera but the benefits of this camera prove that this is worth investing the money. Ajkerdeal offers a great collection of security gadgets online in Bangladesh. You can have a CC camera, IP camera, and lots of other security gadgets and other electronic devices on our site.

Why Choose an IP camera?

This type of camera can transfer images, footage, audio through a computer network or internet. Here a network video recorder for multiple IP cameras or NVR records the data received from these cameras. NVR is digital embedded software that receives data from these cameras, such as images, videos; These are saved on memory cards, flash drives in the form of standard images and video formats. NVR works on IP or Internet Protocol surveillance systems. IP cameras are connected to these NVRs through routers, network switches. The video quality of these cameras gives HD resolution. These cameras can record for unlimited hours with many options, such as good lighting conditions, good lenses for recording, and many more.


Conventional CCTV cameras are coax based cameras. Each of these cameras is connected to a DVR or digital video recorder via a coax cable. These DVR boxes have some hardware to save the footage from the camera in the form of video, so the videos are saved on a hard drive in the box. Conventional CCTV technology uses this separate hardware or DVR to capture camera video.


On the other hand, each of these cameras has its own inbuilt recording feature, meaning that the data from the camera here goes to a kind of digital media format, NVR only makes it understandable for all devices. Due to the transmitter inside the camera, it can be set for capturing footage anywhere without it. As soon as the camera is connected to an internet network, the footage of the camera can be viewed from anywhere through the specialized software made for the camera, NVR. However, video from a camera connected to a conventional cable cannot be viewed and viewed wirelessly from anywhere. In this case, we have to rely on the hard disk of the DVR and the monitor attached to it. So far away and from anywhere the IP camera is ahead in terms of surveillance and camera control.


Undoubtedly, although the size and shape of the camera attached to this camera and the normal cable are the same, the components inside the camera are much larger and the hardware is much better. And for this reason, the price of this camera is higher than other cameras as modern technologies are used here for surveillance.

How IP Cameras Work

There are some cameras capable of Record images independently and save them to the microSD or send them to the cloud Always from the configuration program you will have the possibility to set the recording time or continuous recording, single recording can occupy maximum space Or again, with the frequency these must be uploaded to the cloud.

Once the setup is complete, you can go to a specific video surveillance program both to view recordings and to watch broadcasts in real-time.


If you choose a more complex configuration, for example with several IP cameras at once, you need to rely on an external device, called the NVR Network Video Recorder, that connects multiple cameras simultaneously to the Internet via Ethernet. It allows connection via cable only.


The advantage of such a device is that it can manage and configure signals from multiple cameras simultaneously from one location and be able to access them from a unique IP address, the NVR device itself. There are two necessary interventions for this type of configuration - in the first, set the link between the standalone camera and the NVR device, the second configures the Internet access for NVR or its local network. This is usually done by assigning a fixed IP address to the NVR, after opening its ports on the router, and finally setting up an automated DNS conversion service to any IP.

Features of IP Camera 

Some IP cameras have slots with microSD and are capable of creating autonomous recordings, others are equipped with a detailed coating that makes it resistant against external agents, others can widen the viewing angle and do more.


The focus of IP cameras is the ability to connect them to the Internet and this can be done in two main ways. Many cameras have WiFi-equipped with just one module, in which case they can easily connect to wireless networks but require a power source, so the nearest power outlet.


On the other hand, other cameras are equipped with Ethernet and you only need a cable connection to transmit the router or device NVR image. Among them, with the technology they have particularly attractive POE capability which allows you to use Ethernet cable for connection and power supply after purchasing a small adapter, thus eliminating the problem of the need for electrical outlets.

Image Quality

Many IP cameras have a resolution of HD or 1280 x 720 pixels. Obviously, the higher the resolution, the sharper the images captured, but the related factor is network speed. Note that the higher the image quality, the heavier the file, and consequently the higher the speed required to capture it on the destination device.


If you want to control the camera using a very low-speed internet connection, then go for a model with a lower resolution than HD. Even optics frames affect the quality of images per second. So focus on the focal aperture at the acquisition stage. Another important aspect of quality is the format in which the images are acquired. It is generally good that the selected camera supports the format H.264, and it supports the most common compression values, such as for MPEG4 video and any JPEG photos.

Recording Quality

Most IP camera models allow the acquisition and recording of images, especially through PC software or mobile applications, while some of them can perform fully automatic recording, they can be equipped with microSD slots for direct image acquisition, with an autonomous recording space with a cloud Direct interface, or both. However, for more complex situations or to record simultaneously from multiple cameras, you can rely on devices such as DVRs or Digital Video Recorders, NVRs or Network Video Recorders, or take advantage of a NAS that usually offers the possibility of connecting to an IP camera.


Cheap IP cameras often cannot acquire or stream audio. On the market, however, there are some models that can offer one-way audio, i.e., acquire audio through a microphone or bi-directional audio which, also, allows through communication speakers, transmitting the audio through a microphone present on another device.


The Static IP Cameras are without a doubt the most common and inexpensive, they provide an imaging firm and limited activity in which the lens can handle the frame from where it is located, but these are not the only ones on the market: there are actually cameras that can move or Able with larger viewing angles. These cameras are robotized PTZ they can literally move remotely, tilt and zoom, able to make smaller horizontal and vertical movements, while Fishey they relate their position 360 degrees equipped with a lens capable of providing visual vision.


Another very important thing to take into account is the sensor. Many cameras are equipped with motion sensors that, if configured, can send an email to the user if movement within range is detected. One of the sensors that can be present onboard the IP camera is the sensor passive infrared, capable of capturing images and detecting motion even when there is a monitoring area.


There is a real difference between the use of indoor IP cameras and those external ones that must be able to, such as rain, snow, sun, sudden changes in temperature, since they are designed to work outdoors and are made with more resistant materials than indoor IP cameras.


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  1. Can IP cameras be hacked? 

Answer: Some WiFi cameras lack security features, unfortunately. The cameras fail to support TLS or SSL encryption, which makes the camera’s video surveillance footage vulnerable to hackers. Users' lack of awareness of security between cameras and the router can also lead to a hacking issue.

  1. Is the IP camera safe? 

Answer: Generally an IP camera provides live audio and video feed that a user can access remotely by using an internet browser. So they are safe. But many cameras on the market are vulnerable to digital snooping. These cameras are not safe. 

  1. What is the difference between an IP camera and a WiFi camera? 

Answer: Wireless IP cameras depend on the internet more than wireless analogue cameras. The image quality of wireless IP cameras can vary based on the strength of WI-fi connectivity. 

  1. How can I use an IP camera without Internet? 

Answer: One can record videos to a hard drive, and search through recorded footage using just a monitor and a mouse plugged directly into the NVR. These cameras can be used without the internet in this way.