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Household Accessories Online Shop in Bangladesh - Buy at Cheap Price

A variety of tools and kits can make your day-to-day life easier on the journey of the day. It is also a waste of time to approach a neighbor or other person for such tools to complete household chores. So these tools and kits are essential to staying at home all the time. There are some little tasks we have to do by taking help from other professionals because of not having these tools. Other household accessories contain needles and threats and other kitchen accessories.

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Buy Paint Zoom Online in BD

You can spray paint everywhere including your home, furniture, car, fridge. 3 adjustable systems, glass paint system, dimension: 24 x 19 x 12 cm. Tube length: 1.6 m. Container Capacity: 800ml & Motor Power: 650W


Buy Portable Sewing Kit online in BD

Swing Accessories Kit Box Container has 5 compartments for keeping separate equipment. This box contains 1 Assisted Button, 3 Assisted Threads and other necessary equipment.


Safewell Cut resistant Hand Gloves price in BD


  • Excellent bare-hand feel
  • Silicone-free for the automotive industry
  • Wear and abrasion resistance of PVC is comparable to nitrile, but glue and adhesives will not adhere to it
  • Fine-gauge nylon provides touch sensitivity, yet is hard-wearing
  • The PVC coating is foamed for increased wet/oily grip
  • Laundering: use cold water, tumble dry at low or no heat; no bleach


Buy Naphthalene Big Pac online in BD

Naphthalene, a commonly used ingredient in various home functions, is commonly used in long-lasting clothes to protect against any pest attacks and to prevent odors. Keep naphthalene in the shoe to remove odors from the socks and shoes as a result of keeping the needles or kiddos on foot all day. Kitchen sinks, naphthalene can be used to remove odors in the basin. Naphthalene can also be used to remove odors in the bathroom.

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