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Refrigerators in Bangladesh | AjkerDeal

There was time when people were so much helpless to preserve their food. By the passage of time our life has been becoming easier and happier by fantastic technological innovations. Refrigerator is one of the most important one among those technological innovations. Now we cannot even think of a day without refrigerators as it is our basic family need. For many years refrigerators have been with us. Since the development of the first black box with the basic shelves, refrigerators have been evolving gradually and now we have advanced refrigerators offering different features.

Refrigerators are now a basic requirement. It can keep food fresh by maintaining the temperature of the foods. It also reduces the food – borne disease risks. Refrigerators consume only low electricity, easy to operate, easy to install. AjkerDeal, the country’s leading Online Shopping marketplace brings you the best options to buy refrigerators online in Bangladesh.

Find Several Types of Refrigerators Online From Reputed Brands

Refrigerators come in a variety of types, styles and designs. Different refrigerators can serve different purposes. Most popular refrigerator types used in Bangladesh are briefly discussed below:

Side by Side Refrigerators

In side-by-side refrigerators, refrigerator & freezer compartments are parallel to each other. In these refrigerators both compartments has got the full length as the appliance. Side by side refrigerators offer a slim design while featuring extra freezer space.

Top Mount Refrigerators

Top mount refrigerators feature the fresh food compartment at the bottom while having the freezer at eye level. This is the most common type refrigerators in Bangladesh. These freezers generally have wider space for the fresh foods and really cheaper compared with other types. Browse AjkerDeal’s refrigerator & freezer category to find branded top mount refrigerators at lowest price.

Bottom Mount Refrigerators

Though bottom type refrigerators are younger to the market compared with the top mount, it is now one of the most used type refrigerators. They have freezer compartment below and split fresh food compartments on top. A lot of people chose fresh foods, vegetables, fruits over frozen foods and bottom mount refrigerators are quite ideal for these peoples.

Mini fridges & French door refrigerators are also getting popularity in Bangladesh. If you are looking to buy freezer in BD you can rely on AjkerDeal as well to provide you the best deals. AjkerDeal is the best place to find refrigerators from worldwide reputed refrigerator brands like Haiko, Panasonic, Sharp, Walton, Hitachi, GREE and others. Different models and sizes are available of these brands along with the relevant service and replacement warranty. Order your refrigerators online while availing exclusive 0% EMI offers & 20% Discounts on VISA payment.

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