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Ladies wallet price in Bangladesh - Best Quality at Cheap Price

Every day when we leave the house, we carry bags, mobile, money, keys and check if they are all taken properly. That makes a problem sometimes. If the products are not organized in the bag, that creates a big hassle. The easiest solution to this problem is using a wallet. By this, both fashion and necessity meet with each other. You can check here Ladies wallet price in Bangladesh and buy online to get home delivery.

The demand for wallets is very high in fashion. Currently, this wallet is easily available in women's purse bags or big bags. Working women also prefer a slightly larger wallet that holds more cards.

However, the usefulness of a very thick or heavy wallet is no more. Instead, everyone likes lightweight wallets made of leather. Besides, wallets of five to eight pockets are also seen. There is also a separate pocket for holding a mobile SIM card or memory card.

Various types of prints are being used in the wallets for styling. Sometimes it can be seen designed as a map or alphabet, the faces of tigers or prints of various animal portraits. The print has varied not just on the outside but also on the inside of the pocket cloth on the inside. It has a combination of different stickers or different fabrics and colors. There are special wallets for cardholders along with key storage. There are many different colors in the wallet like dark black, light black, ash, brown, chocolate, maroon, blue, red, etc.

The cloth of the wallet is generally synthetic, rexin, jute and leather and other materials. However, at present, the long wallet type chains along with the chain wallet are more visible. But in that case, choose a good quality chain wallet. A sleek wallet like a long purse is more in the running at this time. Fashion-conscious people are using more of these wallets.

Products That Are Available At AjkerDeal

Corporate Ladies Hand Purse 

The purse is such an elegant product. The material of the purse is PU leather. The Size is 10.2*17.7 cm.  The purse is imported from China.

Leather Regular Wallet For Women

The product type is the Esiposs wallet. The color of the purse is pink. The main material of the purse is 100% Leather. 

The purse will perfectly fit in the pocket. It is very comfortable to carry. Standard and smart design. The brand is Furedanni wallet, imported.  The material is 100% leather. Leather and lining are durable and comfortable, with a large capacity inside the structure. The style is chic and the color is trendy. It is a zipper wallet.

Ladies Wallet

The purse is made of artificial leather. The size is 6"*4". The color is grey.

The purse is made especially for girls. It is the best quality product, made in China.

Ladies Beautiful Wallet

The purse is made of artificial leather. The size is 4"*8".

There is an extra compartment for mobile. The color is grey. It is the best quality product. The purse is made in China.

Ladies wallet price in Bangladesh

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