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Prepare delicious sweet dishes with honey. They are also cured for many serious diseases. Buy honey online from the largest online shopping mall in Bangladesh, Browse through our site for a wide variety of pure and natural honey online and pick one for your needs.

We also provide honey from mustard flowers. They come with freshly collected from the farm and processing on a glass jar. Heal yourself with honey. Use herbs, honey, for natural remedies. Check on our site for a wide variety of herbs honey.

We offer pure organic honey from hives that are collected from popular districts like Khulna, Bagerhaat, Satkhira, etc. We also provide farm-fresh honey from Sundarban, one of the largest honey beehives in the world.

Elements of Honey

Honey contains about 45 food ingredients. Generally, honey contains 34 to 43 percent fructose, 25 to 38 percent glucose, 0.5 to 3 percent sucrose, 5 to 12 percent maltose. 100 grams of honey contains 288 calories in total. It contains  28 percent mineral salts, 22 percent amino acids, 11 percent enzymes and many more. It has no protein and fat. 

Some Amazing Effects of Pure Honey

Honey Holds Youth

Honey contains a lot of anti-oxidants. This material retains the color and tint of the skin. As a result, wrinkles can not come into the skin. That is to say, honey helps to retain the youth.

Maintains The Moisture

The body may become dehydrated for various reasons. Different types of problems can arise during dehydration. Honey is very effective in removing moisture or dehydration because honey has aqueous content.

Helps to Reduce Weight

Honey helps to reduce weight. Every morning, mixing one spoon of honey with a glass of warm water can increases digestion, thereby reducing the calorie intake of food and also reducing the weight fast.

Reduces Cough and Cold

To reduce the cold cough, everyone should eat honey regularly. Honey also helps to increase the immunity of the body.

To Raise the Body Temperature 

Many times the body temperature drops. Honey helps to maintain the body's internal temperature during winter.

Increases Intelligence

Honey not only increases physical strength but also helps to increase mental strength. It is best to eat one teaspoon of honey before going to bed so that the brain can do its job properly. This increases the brain's ability to function and thus increases intelligence.

Eliminates the Strong Aversion

Sometimes it happens that there is no appetite and then aversion occurs. Man cannot eat anything in this situation. As a result, the body suffers from malnutrition. In this case, eating honey can increase food cravings and removes the strong aversion.

Eliminates the Tendency of Vomiting

Many times, when you look at food, the smell of food or eating a little, you feel vomiting. If there is such a problem, then a little honey before eating and you will feel better.

Reduces Insomnia

Honey is a good remedy for insomnia. Eating honey regularly at night gives a sound and good sleep, thus insomnia problem goes away.

Helps to Eliminate Constipation

Constipation is a serious problem. Vitamin B-complex helps to cure constipation, and honey has a sufficient amount of  Vitamin B-complex. Thus, honey helps to eliminate constipation.

Heals the Skin

Honey contains various antifungal ingredients, which help to repair damaged skin and cause new skin formation due to fungal and other. For this reason, if there is psoriasis anywhere in the body, regular honey can be applied to the affected area.

Ways to Understand the Pure Honey

  • In the cold of winter, pure honey will be frozen. 
  • Keeping the honey in the house for several days can cause the sugar to be freeze, which is normal. If after leaving the honey with the bottle for some time in hot water, this sugar melts again, then it is real honey. 
  • The taste of pure honey will be nice, sweet and attractive.
  • Honey will never have a bitter or rotten odor.
  • Take some water in a glass. Give one spoon of honey in it. If honey is easily mixed with water, it should be understood that it is fake honey. The concentration of real honey is much higher than water, so it will not mix easily with water.

Honey contains a lot of fructose, minerals, vitamins, and natural nutritious elements. They are good for health. They are also ideal for regular use to treat cough, cold and fever also. Honey is better for children to use also. Honey is effective for increasing physical and mental strength, increase appetite, increase the digestion, increase the body’s immune system, etc. Honey also helps to recover early healing from injuries.

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