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Smartwatch strap, belt, charger & accessories price in Bangladesh

The first and foremost jewellery or accessory for a man is a watch. With technological advancement, analog watches are replaced with smartwatches. Now you don’t need to have different types of watches for different parties or occasions. Just because you can change your smartwatch look with the amazing accessories rather than changing the watch more frequently. You can also switch to analog to digital screen instantly just depending on your mood.   

Having a smartwatch is the usual thing in our daily life. So, it is obvious to handle your smartwatch in the coolest way so that you can enjoy all the benefits it brings for you. So, here we go for some amazing smartwatch accessories that can enrich your wrist with a passionate look.


Huge Collection of Smart Watch Accessories

You can change the look of your simple smartwatch with any or all of its amazing outfits available in the market. You will wonder that online stores like can be your ultimate option to browse the suitable accessories for your smartwatch. What else do you like to have with your smartwatch as an accessory?

1.   Glass Screen Protector

6.   Stainless Steel Bracelet straps

2.   Waterproof Watch Case

7.   Leather Watch Straps

3.   Extra Battery

8.   Soft Silicon Rubber Straps

4.   Charger Cord

9.   Colorful Straps

5.   Replaceable Wristband Straps

10.   Smart Watch Charging Stand


5 Most Useful Accessories for Your Smart Watch

Having a smartwatch on your wrist not only makes you smarter but also gives you some updated benefits in daily activities. So, here are 5 most commonly used accessories that you can’t deny for your smartwatch.

  1. Screen Protector

A Screen Protector is a must for any smartwatch. It will protect your smartwatch screen from any unwanted scratch or scour. So, a good quality Screen Protector can be a savior to protect your lovely device. Again, a screen protector prevents all the dust and doesn't let your wrist so oddly look with your favorite piece of gadget.

  1. Smart Watch Stand

You can have a smartwatch Stand for your Smartwatch. It’s a beautiful small accessory to decorate your desk and at the same time keeping safe your smartwatch. Besides, it is ideal to use a stand while it is in a charging mood. As it ensures safe charging as well as there is no interruption during charging hours.

  1. Watch Case

A smart Watch Case is also mandatory for its safety. You should use a waterproof watch case for your smartwatch while you are going to a pool. Again, using a waterproof watch case protects your smartwatch from water stains or if your wrist sweat too much during summer.   

  1. Replaceable Straps

Straps are very useful when they are easily replaceable. You can get a colorful look every day using different random types of replaceable straps. These straps are less costly and give you a brand-new look daily. So that your partner won’t get bored with your only watch. 

  1. Extra Battery

A Battery is the only power source of your smartwatch. Usually, you don’t need to be worried about your smartwatch battery life. These days smartwatches come up with long battery life. Still having an extra battery can keep you tension free during your travel especially when you are on hiking.

 Quality of The Product

It is always hard to believe any online store in Bangladesh. Especially without any authentic information or a physical address. But is trying so heart and soul to serve their customers all the way it can. always tries to ensure the quality of their product by providing authentic information in the description box. With the close call of merchants, it ensures to verify and declare a Copy product on its title. So that customers can know from the beginning that they are buying an original product or a copy product.

Price on

It is always a benefit to know a product price before you are buying. And it is ideal to get a price variety to check and match with your budget for any product. is a marketplace with a lot of sellers and merchants. So that they can offer you the best price variation depending on their quality. You can get varieties of smartwatch accessories at a cheap rate starting with 100 takas with the highest range of 1000 taka.


Smartwatches are very functional depending on their use. You can get more features and amazing tricks with your smart gadgets like a smartwatch. So, it is highly recommended to use a branded smartwatch by costing a good amount. Unless your device can make you highly disappointed. However, you still fulfill your need by getting a cheap smartwatch. For this, you need to use good quality accessories for the wellbeing of your smartwatch. Small accessories are handy and most suitable to use your smartwatch roughly. So that you can use it anywhere and for a long time. Again, useful accessories can boost your smartwatch life and make you financially benefited to have a smartwatch on your wrist.