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Nuts And Dry Fruits Online in BD

The popularity of dried fruit is increasing day by day. Various types of dried fruit are available in different regions of the world, but wood nuts, almonds, raisins, walnuts, pistachios are the most popular. 

In the outside world, they are used as snacks but have not been very popular in our country. They also contribute to the protection of beauty and health. Dried fruits or dried fruit are a high source of various vitamins, essential fats and various other nutrients.

Dried fruit is nutritious:

Any fruit is ideal for health. And if it is dried fruit then it is very much satisfactory for health. As with other foods, there is no negative side. It contains nutrients as well as antioxidants. Fruits can be used in a variety of delicious and creative ways to eliminate or reduce other heavy foods or dessert foods from the list.

The water of the fruit is dried and turned into a dry result. The resulting fiber, vitamins, antioxidants and other nutrients and calories are concentrated. Dried fruits are more calorie-rich. So it should be eaten less. Even after drying, it retains its nutritional value. When the fruit is dried by applying high temperature, its nutrients may be reduced to some extent, but it is sufficiently nutritious according to the needs of the body.

Some of the notable and useful dried fruits are:


Walnut has a lot of calories. Every 100 grams of walnut contains 687 calories. It contains lots of beneficial fatty acids omega-1. Walnut helps in brain formation. It also keeps various brain diseases away. Walnuts help keep cholesterol under control. Walnut contains allergic acid, a type of antioxidant. It builds immunity and helps prevent cancer.

Dry Apricot:

Apricot contains a lot of Vitamin B-2, Vitamin B-3, Vitamin-A and Vitamin-C. Apricot helps to prevent anemia by increasing the levels of hemoglobin in the blood. Pectin and cellulose of it help to keep the stomach clean. Constipation is eliminated by regular apricot. Apricot powder mixed with honey during fever is beneficial.

Dried Date:

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about dried fruit is the date. The nutrient quality is so high that it can be eaten all year long. It helps keep the cold away during winter. It also increases the body's immunity.

Dry raisins: 

Dried raisins keep depression away. Also, having thyroid gland problems, raisins can be eaten all year round.

Dry figs:

Keep figs away from thyroid problems. It also helps protect the body from parasitic attacks. Figs stop producing cancer cells. Excess vitamins in figs play a role in keeping the skin healthy.

Tropical almond:

This almond can make your skin the most attractive. It contains fatty acids, lots of fiber and protein. It protects against acne easily and also eliminates acne scars. Almonds have a unique function to enhance the brightness of the skin.


An extremely useful and slightly expensive dry fruit. It helps to remove suntan. Many people think it is bad to eat because it is a bit more fat. But eating it on a regular basis helps a lot.

Peanuts contain a lot of vitamin E. Vitamin E will increase the anti-aging ability of your skin. It easily removes wrinkles from the skin.


Although a little expensive, the vitamin E in pistachios protect from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Apart from this, it reduces the risk of developing skin cancer.

In these nuts, carotenoids and lutein are found in which is rarely found in other nuts. It also removes the anti-oxidant free radicals contained in it. The oil in the Pista almond smoothes the skin from the inside. Also, it doesn't let prematureness come.

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