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Roti & Puri Makers in Bangladesh | Jaipan, Laaibah & others |

If you are a working woman or a bachelor then you will understand the real pain of making a hand-made bread that is popularly known as Roti. To form a perfect shape of a roti is somewhat a matter of dream for some people. Once, the theory of roti maker was a hypothesis, but with the process of time,  this hypothesis becomes real.

To address such roti making problems, the largest online shopping site of Bangladesh,, has got enormous collection of different types of roti makers. You will find Roti/Noodles/Biscuit Maker in the kitchen & dinning section.

On this online shopping Site, you will discover the presence of brands like Jaipan, Comet, Nova, Miyako, Celico, Laaibah and so on; most of them are manual while some of them are electric-one most reputed electric roti maker brand is Comet while Jaipan & Laaibah are the most popular brands for manual roti makers.

There are also puri makers on our Site; puri-the fried flat bread is a very popular evening snack in Bangladesh; but it's not easy to prepare them at home; now, with the easy-to use puri makers, you can try them at home and be sure, you will not disappoint the guests. Find the best quality puri makers online on

Usually these roti & puri makers are compact in their design and their surface is non-sticky. They are very easy to clean. Some of the roti and puri makers have got warranty with them.

So, now,  you do not need to go through  the painful process of making roti in the traditional method; just buy one Jaipan, Laaibah or Comet roti maker online from & permanently  get rid of that laborious job.