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Scissor is basically used for cutting and designing. Different types of scissors have different types of use. The scissors are easily available in the market. There are also differences in the scissors’ design. Cutting cloth with paper scissors or cutting vegetables with cuttings scissors will decrease the quality of the scissors and also this work would make the scissor’s quality worse. So it should have to know that which scissor do which type of work.

History of Scissors

Scissors can be said an inventory invention of the last century or in the last millennium. Scissor was first invented by Leonardo Da Vinci, many people think so. But the standard set of scissors was invented before many days ago.

The oldest scissor was found in the Middle East before 4000 years ago. It was made of two sharp blades that were made of bronze and it was connected by a curved and skinny bronze plate at the tip. When the tips were compressed, the blades came together and when it was released, it became open. 

Archaeologists found Egyptian scissors which were dated to approximately 1500BC. They discovered that the wheat scythes were the older version of the scissors and from this design, the newest scissors are similar to the scythes. But the Romans were too advanced. They invented the scissors just like the modern aged designs. They used the scissors to cut something, to get a haircut or to design something. There were also modern designed scissors with a central point in the middle of the tips and the handles which were used in old Japan, Korea, and China.


Types of Scissors


  • Kitchen Scissors:


  • Meat Scissors,
  • Vegetable Scissors,
  • Fruit Carving Scissors,


  • Gardening Scissors:


  • Grass Shears,
  • Hedge Trimmers,
  • Pruning Shears,


  • Right and Left-handed Scissors:


  • Left-handed Scissors,
  • Right-handed Scissors,


  • Medical Scissors:


  • Trauma Scissors,
  • Umbilical Cord Cutting Scissors,
  • Dental Scissors,
  • Bandage Scissors,


  • Embroidery Scissors


  • Sewing Scissors
  • Buttonhole Scissors,
  • Pinking Scissors,
  • Tailor’s Scissors,
  • Dressmaker’s Scissors,
  • Applique Scissors,


  • Crafting Scissors/All Purpose Scissors


  • Paper-cutting Scissors,
  • Crafting Scissors,
  • Children-safe Scissors,


  • Grooming Scissors


  • Hair Clippers,
  • Hair Cutting Scissors, etc.

How to Sharpen a Scissor

Rust can be caught in a scissor if work is not done for a few days. This rust can be removed using some home-made remedies.

At first, sandpaper has to divide and cut into 4 equal pieces. A paper can be borrowed from 25 to 30 times. The sandpaper should have to be waterproof. A scale should be covered by the sandpaper. Then it should be soaked in water for a while. The wet sandpaper will then rub the corners of the scissors. It should be rubbed a few times until it becomes glossy. After a while, the scissors would be soaked in water. When the rubbing is finished, some out should be given on the scissor. By doing this, rust would not catch again. 


Kitchen Scissors

Now fish, meat, and vegetables can be cut with scissors. A scissor design is such that with the cutting of vegetables, bottle sticks can be opened, eggs can be cut and designed, fish scales can be removed, large almonds can be broken very easily.

A simple vegetable can be cut with just a scissor. Not all types of vegetables can be cut with scissors. Thin vegetables are easy to cut. However, there is another type of scissor to cut. Salad and vegetables can be designed with zigzag scissors. Meat cut scissors are different. These scissors have the edge by which the bones of the chicken can be cut. The kitchen scissors are very cheap in price, can be found within 100-500 taka.


Available Kitchen Cutters in AjkerDeal

Vegetable Cutter

This scissor can chop and slice food in just a few seconds. It has razor-sharp stainless steel blades. It has a spring-loaded soft gripped handle. It’s also dishwasher safe. It can safely slice foods without any messy cleanup. Moreover, it is great for slicing, cutting, and chopping vegetables, fruits, cheese, meat, etc. Some of the important features of this cutter are a bone cutter, bottle cap opener, vegetable peeler, fish scaler, and many more. The cutter has a sucker that can be easily hung for safe storage.

Fish Cutter

Fish, chicken and other raw materials can be easily cut by this cutter. It is made of stainless steel. Its handle is made of anti-bacterial food-grade ingredients. Also, it is safe to use because the scissors have a lock system.

Clever Cutter for Fruit and Vegetables

The clever cutter has a good-looking design. The cutter has eco-friendly fruit and vegetable tools. It is made of metal.


Grill Cutter/ Multi-Purpose Stainless Steel Scissor

It is a heavy-duty kitchen shear with 4mm full stainless steel-made. It has tong blades from tip to end. The Special and simple safety lock is located on the end of the knife blade. It can be used safely as well as quickly. Its material is blade and 2CR13 alloy steel named high quality martensitic stainless steel, nickel, molybdenum, vanadium and POM engineering plastics. The length is 25cm, height is 5cm and weight is 110g.

The cutter contains a spring-loaded shear blade open wide for all-purpose and easy to grip. It has classic ergonomically handle with 3 rivets for strength. It can cut through all most anything such as poultry bone, meat, plastic, paper board, or even metal sheet.

Warning: Please keep out of the reach of children.

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