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Make your cooking performance easy with the perfect collection of Kitchen tools. All types of kitchen & dinging tools, essential for every kitchen is also available at Shop online from for the best quality kitchen knives, scissors, and spoons.

Make your cooking more easily and quickly with perfect kitchen knives. Now you can cut, slice, peel, and chop fruits and vegetables in your kitchen using kitchen knives. They are very useful tools for your kitchen to cut fruits and vegetables in perfect shape. They also come single or in a set with different pieces, ideal for your kitchen.

Use of Knives, Scissors, and Spoons

A cutlery set or a set of knives and forks contains different types of spoons. They have specific uses. Below are some rules for using knives, scissors and spoons:

  • Usually, the spoons are of medium size. Meals are eaten with this spoon. Another name for them is a tablespoon.
  • Medium-sized forks are also used to eat the main food. The custom of eating with tablespoons and forks came from England.
  • Small forks are used to eat sweets or desserts. These are called dessert forks.
  • Fruits and salads can be eaten with a fork. Or you can eat salad or fruit with a dessert fork.
  • There are round-headed spoons for eating soup, which is used only for eating soup. The soup is usually served in separate bowls and spoons for soup.
  • The medium-sized and round-headed spoon used to enhance the soup is called dabu spoon. Lentils and curry can also be made with this spoon.
  • There are curry spoons for bringing curry, and flattened, large and wide shaped spoons for carrying rice.
  • The smallest spoon in a cutlery set is known as a tea-spoon. It is used to brew tea or coffee.
  • There is also a separate spoon for pickling, called pickles spoon.
  • A small spoon is also used to extract salt.
  • A type of spoon, now called a tong, is used to make dry food. Kebabs, large shrimps, roasts, etc. can be easily carried by a tong.
  • In a large glass, a spoon with a thin body and a small round head is used to stir the juice. These are usually longer than the length of the glass so that the spoon can be moved in the tall grass and the spoon does not sink inside the glass.
  • Usually, we use two types of knives while eating. One is quite sharp, with which the fruit can be cut. Another type of knife is usually used in the morning, the bread is coated with jam, jelly, or butter.

Care of Knives, Scissors, and Spoons

Knives, scissors, and spoons used in the kitchen should be used properly to keep them clean for a long time. Below are the tasks to take care of knives, scissors and spoons-

Knife and Scissors Care

  • It is better to use a wooden or plastic cutting board when cutting with a knife, as this will not reduce the edge of the knife.
  • Kitchen knives and scissors should only be used to cut vegetables or fruits, not for other purposes.
  • Leaving the knife untouched for a long time can cause rust. Also, even if the knife is not washed and removed, it can be got rust.
  • The knife should be washed with a soft sponge.
  • If there is a groove or design of the knife, it should be cleaned well.
  • Be careful while washing, otherwise hand can be cut by the sharp edge of the knife.

Spoon Care

  • When cleaning the spoon, the handle part should be rubbed with a soft brush, thus the notched designs of the spoon will remain clean.
  • When the food hardens in a fork, the spoon should be dipped in hot water for a while. Then rub the sponge lightly with soap and the food will become soft and will lift from the spoon.
  • Occasionally take all the spoons in a large bowl and soak them for a while with lemon juice and baking soda to make the spoons shiny.
  • If possible, the water should be drained after washing the spoons, then the spoons will stay good for a long time and will not rust.

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