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Modem Price in BD, Buy Online at Cheap Price

We are living in the age of the internet and we cannot think of a single day without the internet. With the process of digitalization, Bangladesh is also becoming a digital country. Nowadays, a lot of crucial works cannot be done without the help of the internet. For an internet connection, you need a secure modem. Check out the modem price in Bangladesh and buy online. There are also huge shops in Dhaka, where modems are sold. 


Usually, a modem is a device through which internet connection service is being provided with the help of a SIM card. The speed of internet connection is largely dependent on the quality of the modem. We provide various types of modems. These modems are specially built to support all the mobile internet providers of Bangladesh. On the other hand, on this online shopping site, you will also find the exact modem that is made by a particular mobile operating company. Among Bangladeshi SIM, Grameenphone is best for the 4G network. 


The main aim of using a router mobile hotspot is to increase the data transfer rate by creating a Wifi hotspot. The modem router is the best device for increasing the Wifi router to ensure a Wifi hotspot. A pocket router is also used to create a mini hotspot. It works as a Wifi router. A Router with SIM is used where there is no Wi-Fi available. 


A modem is a computer-based device that allows a computer to connect to the Internet. There are different types of modems in terms of technology. Nowadays modems are being used in smartphones and smart TVs also. In a word, the device that connects a computer to the internet is called a modem. The word modem comes from modulator's "mo" and demodulator's "dem". It is known as a USB modem. A modem is important internet equipment. The modem gains energy from a direct power source by a USB port.


A modem is generally connected with a PC or a laptop via a USB port. The USB interface connects the modem with the Pc. The users can use a modem for unlimited times until the data is available.


A modem is compatible with any Operating system or OD, such as Windows, Windows Vista, Windows 10, Linux, Mac, etc.

Functions of a Modem

The Internet is a network system that acts as a means of transporting data. Computers work digitally or binary. Its network is the carrier, so it can transmit analog or carrier signals.


When the Internet is connected by a USB modem, when the digital data of the computer is transferred, at first it goes to the modem. The modem modulates it and converts it into a carrier analog signal. Then the carrier mixes with the signal that means the carrier spreads over the internet. Finally, the internet carries it to its destination.


When data comes from the internet, the modem first receives it and demodulates it. It means the carrier converts the signal into a binary or digital signal and delivers it to the computer. As a result, data is received. This is how a modem works. The product also ensures the highest uplink and downlink speed. Some times the uplink speed becomes slow, but after some time it is ok.

Modem Settings

The internet is usually used by inserting a SIM in the modem. When using a modem, the customer does not have to carry any wires or cables. Modems are quite useful for using the internet, usually in villages or rural areas. In all the areas where there is a mobile network, it is possible to use the internet only if there are a modem and SIM.


Using a modem has made it much easier to use the Internet. People in rural areas who are deprived of internet services today can also easily connect to the internet by using a modem.

Accessories That Needed to Use a Modem

To get internet service using a modem, the customer has to install some hardwires and some software-

  • A computer or laptop,

  • An internet-supported mobile SIM,

  • Modem,

  • Data cable, infrared cable, or Bluetooth.

  • Required software.

Internet SIM

Data services including the internet can be enjoyed through the internet sim. In addition to the internet facility, with the help of this SIM, you will also get the facility of voice call through prepaid internet SIM and you will be able to send or receive SMS. However, it will not be possible to get a voice call facility through a postpaid internet SIM. Generally, the validity of data lasts for 1 to 2 months highest.

Features of an Internet SIM

An EDGE / GPRS modem of any brand is required to use this SIM. This SIM is most convenient to use with Internet modems as it is pre-configured.

The Difference Between a Router and a Modem

A modem connects to the Internet, and a router connects the device to Wi-Fi.

A modem connects the Internet source to the ISP and the home network. The modem is connected to the router or directly to the computer via an Ethernet cable.

Modem and Router Combo Devices

Integrated routers have modems that perform both functions. One of these combo devices may include cable, internet, and phone packages but may also include VoIP functions. This device is known as a modem router. Combining devices are usually not the best option if one part breaks but the whole thing is meaningless and you cannot upgrade one device at a time. However, if the latest and most advanced technology is not required, it is convenient to purchase a combo modem and router.


A modem, broadband internet connection, and cable are required to create a wireless network. Typically telephone companies use DSL technology and companies use only connections. Internet service providers often provide broadband modems. Some ISPs provide wireless routers in addition to modems. You can also buy a WiFi adapter and modem online in Bangladesh

Wireless Router

A router forwards data between the network and the Internet. Using wireless routers can connect computers to the network using frequency instead of cables. There are several variants, such as - 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n, and so on.

Wireless Network Adapter

A wireless network adapter is a device that connects a computer to a wireless network. To connect a laptop or desktop computer to a wireless network, it must be equipped with a wireless network adapter. Many tablets, laptops, and desktop computers are compatible with wireless network adapters.

Types of Network Adapter

Some of the network adapters are-

  1. Internet  Adapter,

  2. Bluetooth  Adapter,

  3. Wi-fi  Adapter,

  4. ShareIt  Adapter,

  5. Device  Adapter, etc.

Steps to Connect a Computer with a Wireless Network Adapter

To check if a computer is connected to a wireless network adapter, follow these steps:

  1. Start by clicking the button, and enter the search box and then select the Device Manager option,

  2. Expand node, find network adapter,

  3. Find the required network adapter and complete the process.

Once all the necessary tools are in place, the modem needs to be connected to the Internet. If the modem is not configured by ISP, connect the modem to the computer and the internet. If the modem uses DSL technology, connect it to the wall jack of the telephone. And if you are using a cable connection, connect the modem to the cable connector.

Installing the Wireless Router

The wireless router should be placed where its signal strength is maximum and interference is minimized. For example, place the wireless router in the center of the house or apartment so that its radio signal can cover all corners of the house evenly.

The wireless router should be placed far away from walls and metal objects, for example- metal cabinets. The fewer physical interruptions between the computer and the wireless router, the stronger the signal.


Most microwave ovens and many cordless phones use 2.4 GHz radio channels and some networking devices also use this frequency. If you turn on the microwave or receive a call from a cordless telephone, the signal from the wireless router may be temporarily interrupted. You can avoid most of these problems by using cordless telephones operating at higher frequencies, such as 5.8 GHz.

Converting a WiFi USB Adapter to an Access Point

 Wi-Fi technology can be used as a Wi-Fi signal distributor for virtual drivers, any adapter client devices that support this technology. Drivers can be installed to debug the system. It has a built-in installation utility.


When installing it will offer to download the latest version of the software. The list of adapter models compatible with the virtual system can be found on the official website of the software developers. This enables the adapter to be placed in add-on mode, which helps to create peer-to-peer networks. Almost all laptops and personal computers support this standard.


Some of the modems of this site are capable of reading memory cards. In the arena of modems, Huawei is the most renowned brand; you can discover several Huawei modems online. Besides, there are a few other brands on the Site such as Flash, AOneTech, etc. Most of the devices have got an easy plug-and-play function that means you do not need to go through a complicated process of installation. Almost all the modems have got a warranty. So, just visit our site and buy your favorite computer accessories within a few clicks from this online shopping site.

You have to browse through network accessories to find out your desired modem. We have various collections of network accessories on our Site. You can find all types of network-related accessories if you browse through the categories. We always ensure our product quality because customer satisfaction is very important to us. We have EMI and home delivery service to our customers. Happy shopping with us!

You can also look at the best deals on router price in BD to grab your router anytime online from AjkerDeal and get rid of hassle-free internet connection. Now you can use your device wirelessly. Get your router from the largest collection of the router and select your wireless router according to your budget.


  1. Are WiFi adapters good? 

Answer: Yes, WiFi adapters are good. A WiFi adapter has to pair with a USB 3.0 port to get the most output of it. This process also ensures maximum bandwidth for a fast and stable internet connection.

  1. Are USB WiFi adapters Safe? 

Answer: No, USB Wireless WiFi adapters are not as they can not give enough inherent security. The security comes from a firewall or antivirus program that is present in a computer. So plugging a USB WiFi adapter won't affect the security of a computer.

  1. Is the WiFi adapter better than Ethernet? 

Answer: Yes, a WiFi adapter provides a faster wireless connection than Ethernet. Actually, the choice lies between convenience and speed. 

  1. Does WiFi adapter affect Internet speed? 

Answer: Yes, the distance between the router and a wireless adapter can affect the internet speed. Is modem wireless? Answer: No, a modem is not wireless. It is connected to a computer by a wire. Moreover, a modem must be paired with a router. 

  1. Is it better to connect to a modem or router? 

Answer: A modem can only be connected to one device at a time. A router is needed to access the internet from multiple devices. About 5 6 person can get internet access by using a router.