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Buy Deep Freezer Online in Bangladesh at Cheap Price

Freezers or refrigerators have undergone significant changes throughout the past decade, and they have become one of the most effective, stylistic and useful home appliances. They are now much more electricity-efficient, cool faster, and are colder than ever before. And even though there is no electricity, the food is fresh for a long time. So freezers have become an essential part of people’s daily life.

Everyone is now choosing a smart freezer while buying. The unique quality of the food reflects the quality of the smart freezer. People now thinking about the additional features of a freezer. Considering the benefits of keeping food cold, they are also keeping in mind whether it saves electricity, ice freezing or not, and many more. 

In our country, freezers are available in almost all the brands of the world. Almost every brand has a showroom. Apart from this, companies like Transcom Electronics, Best Electronics or Singer Plus sell freezers from different brands through their own showrooms or online. Such as LG, Samsung, Haier, Hitachi, Sharp, Coin, etc. That is not the case with domestic companies like Walton, Minster. Now there are different brands of freezers in the market and also online. The features of each freezer are different and there are also differences in prices. One can buy freezers online easily from or AjkerDeal app.

Working Procedure of Deep Freezer

When the cooked food is being frozen for storage, it does not taste as it did before. After heating the vegetables and curries from the frozen state, they melt or get wasted. The problem starts with the water that is present in the middle of the food. When the temperature is lowered to minus 0 degrees celsius to store food, it turns to ice. As a result, the cells in the food burst, then the food melts or the smell is lost.

Here is the dis-similarity between the normal freezer and the deep fridge. Both technologies store food at a temperature below zero, The freezer takes about 24 hours to bring the heat down to zero, where the deep freezer takes a maximum of one hour. Due to the fast freezing process, the water between the food is frozen, but its shape increases. As a result, the cell burst is greatly reduced. That’s why the food remains the same as before.

The temperature of the freezer is limited to minus 20 degrees Celsius, while the temperature of the deep freezer can be minus 1 to minus 5. The heat of the foodstuff is in the freezer is minus 1 degree to minus 12 degrees. Deeply refrigerated foods are stored for one to a maximum of 24 months.

Important Tips For Keeping Food in the Deep Freezer

There are some steps to follow to properly freeze the food deeply. In the beginning, the temperature of the food should be reduced to 1-degree celsius for deep freezing. The food must be sterilized before freezing. Deep freezing food should be left in the ice, not directly in the oven.

Some Important Features of a Deep Freezer

A modern deep fridge needs to optimized or properly insulated thickness. The use of low thickness insulation does not make the freezer or deep freeze durable. With the right amount of insulation thickness, the freezer cools down quickly and the power consumption becomes low. The demand for deep freezers with the right size insulation thickness has been increased.

According to engineers, insulation thickness or thickness of the freezer is an important factor. The longevity of a refrigerator or freezer depends on this feature. If the insulation thickness of the freezer is at the correct level, the lower part of the interior cools quickly with less electricity. Even if the electricity is gone, the food is fresh for a long time. It also retains the quality of the food.

For Bangladesh, the insulation thickness of a freezer must be at least 5 millimeters. This is considered as the most effective insulation therapy. If the thickness of the refrigerator is less than that of the Thickness label, the power consumption will be higher as well.

Some Freezers That are Available in

Sharp Freezer SJC-168-WH (CODE - 490041)

The capacity of the fridge is about 160 liters. The color is white. It is an energy-saving deep freezer. It has a Grip handle, built-in safety lock and LED lighting system. It has a direct cooling system with a defrosting manually. The net dimension of the fridge is W X D X H (MM) 754 x 564 x 845. The length of the cable/inclusive plug is 1500 mm. It has 1 basket included. The max storage time when power failure is 24 hours.  The climate class is a tropical class (18 ~ 43C) and the rated frequency or voltage is 160V~260V/50Hz.

Fisher & Paykel Chest Freezer, CODE No: 490257

When a little extra space is needed, this Fisher & Paykel Chest Freezer gives the flexibility of more storage. It has one removable wire baskets for flexible storage. 

Fast Freeze Option

It has an easy to use control panel in the chest freezer that gives the user the flexibility to set the desired temperature or speed up the freezing process for optimum flavor and nutrition.

Flexible Storage System

This chest freezer comes with removable wire baskets that can stack to help in organizing food items easily.

Special Features

  • Energy usage 245kWh/year,
  • Energy rating 3.5 stars,
  • Height (lid open) 1345mm,
  • Total gross capacity 201L,
  • Minimum air clearance - at rear 100mm Minimum air clearance - each side 100mm

* The feature images used on this page are examples to demonstrate the product benefits and may differ from the actual product.

Deep Freezers are Available in

Different kinds of Deep freezers and chest-sized freezers are available in Simply browse the website or install the AjkerDeal App and order your favorite products online, now.