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Induction Cooker & Fryer in Bangladesh | 

Generate your cooking skills much easier and fun with an induction cooker & fryer. Browse through for all types of kitchen & dining appliances collection along with induction cookers and air fryer online for your convenience. 

Variety of Cooker & Fryers Collection

Buy an induction cooker, infrared cooker, air fryer, multi-pan touch cooker, magnet stove, hot plate cookers from We provide a wide variety of cooker & fryers for you to choose from. As they heat quickly, they can save a lot of time in the kitchen.

Familiar Branded & Non-Branded Cooker & Fryers 

There is a wide range of branded and non-branded products at Our site also included induction cookers from the leading brands like Philips, Linnex, Osaka, Novena, Miyako, Comet, DONLIM, SHIMIZU, SOGO, Walton etc. Use an induction cooker, air fryer instead of a gas stove for preparing every day’s meal easily and quickly.

Induction Cooker For Careful Use

Use an induction cooker for faster and efficient cooking. They do not make use of an open flame or fire. They are designed with a number of safety features. They come with elegant design, simple, ultra-slim and smooth to operate and are very easy to clean. 

VISION Infrared Cooker With LED Display

Infrared cookers have a grade black crystal glass plate with digital display of high strength, high-temperature resistance, up to 800℃, and can use different material pots. It also consists of Touch Control Panel, High-Quality crystal plate, Power can be varied 200-2200 with the knob, Lucrative design, Child lock function, Timer function. 

WALTON Multi Intelligent Induction Cooker

Technology Multi Intelligent Cooking (Cook, Water boil, Warm, Soup, Fry, Roti / Dosa, Milk / Tea) with Adjustable Wattage (120watt-1800 watt) Touch Screen Control Panel Multiple Temperature Sensor. There is a child lock for safety operation. This induction cooker is perfect for cooked quickly. 

Modern Version Of Electric Stove

If there is no gas in the house, you have to go out without eating, to say goodbye to all these hassles! Ajkerdeal has brought 21 Infrared Cookers to the online site. There are also LED displays and a crystal body which makes it easy to use and durable. The shockproof body keeps you safe from accidents while operating the induction cooktop. 

Electric Hot Plate Cooker

This is the most modern version of the electric stove that can be cooked at any time. It saves both time and cost. There are also various pre-set cooking modes which allow you to prepare a great variety of nutritious meals. They also come with advanced heating technology to make your cooking much easier & safer.

INDUCTION Saucepan With Stainless Steel Lid and Handle (22CM)

Basically this saucepan can be used for the induction cooker. It is a stainless steel induction saucepan made with Food Grade materials. This Induction saucepan saves 30% energy & time. Doesn't get rusty and most reliable for healthy & hygienic cooking. Suitable for all kinds of stove and easily to clean.


Now it’s easy to fry using less oil with air fryers. Air fryers are so easily removable and washable oil pots. Capacity about 500-1000g and has an automatic safety switch. It has a heat production handle with a non-stick washable lid and oil pot. Ring setup and turning pan for easy cooking.  

DONLIM Deep Fryer

Explore our wide assortment of induction cooker & air fryers for your easy and convenient cooking. We provide the DONLIM branded deep fryer with a strong immersion heating element that means consistent heating of the oil. Stainless steel body makes for a sturdy structure and strong design. 

Mechanical adjustable thermostat control which allows you to pick the perfect oil temperature. Viewing window allows you to see cooking status. Chip capacity of 800g. Oil Capacity of 4.0 L which allows for a large amount of frying. Light indicator provides working condition indication for safety.

Electric Deep Fryer With Various Functions 

Get great tasting fries with deep air fryers from They come with different functions including adjustable thermostat, automatic shut-off, cool-touch hand grips, integrated on/off switch, non-slip feet, patented rapid air technology, power indicator light etc. Cord storage keeps the kitchen surface neat and tidy. 

Deep GAS Fryer For Commercial Kitchen Use

Make a tension-free online shopping experience with We provide the Deep Gas Fryer products for the usage of Commercial Kitchen. Many restaurants and food courts use this deep gas fryer for making fast food items.