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Frying Pans are the most used product in the kitchen. With non-sticky fry pan we can now easily cook in a short period of time and after cooking washing process was never been so easier. Before it took hours to clean the pot. Now it's just a matter of some few minutes. Another benefit of using frying pans is now it need a small amount of oil to cook, which is a great health issue.

Now we can lead a healthy life as we are consuming very little amount of oil. There are different types of frying pans in the market. AjkerDeal has enormous collection of various types of frying pans. We offer the best price and a wide range of frying pan. Is is now very easy to find your desired product within just a few mouse click. brings to you a range of contemporary, long-lasting and affordably priced frying pan for your ease cooking. We provide environment-friendly non-stick cookware for healthy cooking.

Our egg frying pan lets you cook a sunny side up egg or prepare a breakfast sandwich comes inefficient, eye-catching style. Take a look on our heart-shaped mini frying pans that come in a unique and elegant design. We also provide non-stick folding omelet pans for preparing two foods at once.

Our site enriches with non-stick frying pans featuring non-stick coating, strong and sturdy cool-touch handle, thick body with spiral bottom, triple-layered scratch-resistant and many more. Explore our grilled pans which are best for your seekh kabab, grilled vegetable, grilled chicken cheese sandwich and for many more mouthwatering dishes.

We also provide ceramic coated double-sided magic fry pan which delivers perfectly cooked food without any oil in a jiffy. Its high-quality base provides fast and even heat distribution for you to cook efficiently.

Now you can bake pizza, pancakes any time with our electric pizza pans. Apart from this, electric pan, air fryer, casserole, Tawa  are also available at our site. Shop online for a wide range of kitchen & dining appliances which will work perfectly for your everyday cooking needs.

Frying Pan for Kitchen Online in Bangladesh

A frypan or frying pan is a flat-bottomed pan. Used for frying and browning foods. Frying pans are typically 200 to 300 in diameter with relatively low sides that flare outsides, a handle, and no lid. Cast iron is used to make traditional frying pan, although cast iron is still popular especially for outdoor cooking. In recent times most frying pans are made from aluminum or stainless steel. A coating is sometimes applied to the surface of the pan to make it non-sticky. Bare cast iron or carbon steel can also gain non-stick properties that frying pans are made of. check out more kitchen accessories in bd.

Types of frypan:

There are different types of frypans available. Among them non-sticky frypan, electric frypan is most selling frypan. All these types of frypans are available to buy online at, the largest online marketplace in BD at a reasonable price.

Non-sticky frypan:

Teflon coating is featured in non-sticky frypan may give off toxic fumes, as the coating decomposes when heated beyond approximately 240 degrees centigrade. For some cooking preparations, a non-stick frying pan is inappropriate. Especially for deglazing. There are different types and sizes of frypans are available of different brands at a reasonable price in BD to shop online at

Buy Love shaped frying pan online in BD:

Frying pans are made of different shapes to fry things in different shapes. These frypans are made of stainless steel. These high-quality frypans are available in love and cartoon shaped.

Love shaped frypans are available at the best price to shop online at ajkerdeal

Electric frypan:

An electric skillet incorporates an electric heating element into the frying pan and can function independently of a cooking stove. Electric frying pans are common in shapes. A modern electric skillet has an additional advantage over the stovetop version: heat regulation. The detachable power cord incorporates a thermostatic control for maintaining the desired temperature. The price of electric frypan in BD is reasonable to buy online at

Buy Multifunctional frying pan online in BD:

The multifunctional frying pan has different features. You can boil 4-5 eggs easily using this multifunctional frying pan. It is also a non-stick pan so you can easily clean and use it. The round plate provides easy heat absorption. Time and electricity saving. It has an ergonomic handle transparent cover. Power: 350w and voltage: 220v/50Hz. If you are thinking of buying a multifunctional frying pan, visit and order now 

Frying pan with lid price in BD:

For some cooking preparation, lid is essential. At, the largest online marketplace in BD, frying pan with lid is also available. Stainless Steel Frying Pan * 3 layer bottom. * Made by Food Grade materials (SUS 304). * 30% energy & time-saving. * Doesn't get rusty & easy to clean. * Most reliable for healthy & hygienic cooking. * Suitable for all kind of stove. Brand: SKB STAINLESS STEEL MILLS LTD. Capacity:-- Liter Made In Bangladesh. The price of frying pan with lid is reasonable 

Buy Kiam frying pan online in BD:

Kiam is a famous brand of manufacturing frying pan. Kiam frying pan is lang-lasting and has a unique design. Is you are looking for buying Kiam frying pan. Visit ajkerdeal to get one at the best price.