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Babies Skin & Hair Care at Cheap Price in Bangladesh

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Baby’s Skincare

Toddlers often play with dirty or germicidal objects. So the baby should have a proper shower with a good body wash or soap every day.

Care should be taken to ensure that water reaches all parts of the body well. Thus the baby will be sterilized and clean.

Baby’s Hair Care

To keep the children's hair good, they have to wash their hair with a suitable shampoo every other day. In this case, no-tear shampoo can be a good option, because even if the shampoo runs on the baby's eyes for any reason, this type of shampoo does not cause any kind of irritation in the eyes. And the shampoo that is available in the market for adults is not tolerant for babies. So the suitable shampoo for the baby’s hair is best for them.

Use of Oil

Children need to be careful when using oils on their bodies. Not all oils are suitable for use in children's bodies. A little amount of coconut oil can be used on the heads of children. Mustard oil should not be used on a baby's head. Baby oil of any good company can be applied to the baby's body. The baby can be bathed by applying oil on the baby's body before bathing.


You can massage oil on the baby if you want. However, it must be done at least ten weeks after birth. One study found that a baby's growth and well-being depended on how it was touched. There are no special rules for massaging the baby's body. Take the baby to a room and put him to bed in a soft place. Then apply a safe and healthy baby oil or baby lotion and gently massage it on the baby's body. In this way, you have to gently massage the whole body. This will make the baby's skin soft and smooth. Care must be taken while massaging so that the baby's body does not feel too much pressure under any circumstances. This can cause pain or harm to the baby.

Some Useful Products That Are Available In AjkerDeal

Parachute Just For Baby- Baby Oil 

This baby oil is a product made by Mariko Bangladesh. It keeps the baby's skin soft. Its net weight is 200 ml. It is made in Bangladesh. 

Kodomo Gentle and Mild  Baby Powder  

The baby powder is not harsh and the anti-rash formula is used in it. It moisturizes the baby’s skin. The Kodomo baby powder is made by a gentle formula. It is made in Thailand.

Johnson’s Baby Lotion

The Net weight of this product is 300 ml. The lotion is enriched with natural moisturizer and shea butter. This lotion is very kind to your baby’s skin and it can keep moisturized the baby’s skin for 24 hours. The fast-absorbing formula of this lotion gives a non-greasy finish and it is ideal for daily use. The lotion is made in Thailand.

Parlor Baby Wash

Parlor Baby Wash is an ideal choice for your baby's tender and soft skin. It cleans the body and enhances breathing to make relax your baby for a night of better sleep. The baby wash has no allergic element, so it creates no irritation in your baby’s body. Moreover, it relaxes your baby. Directions for use- rinse well after cleansing your baby's skin with this baby wash. The product is made in Turkey.

Johnson’s Baby Milk and Rice Cream

Johnson's Baby Cream helps keep baby's skin soft and gentle. It contains emollient, which retains moisture in the baby's skin. This cream is clinically and dermatologist tested. It does not contain any allergens. The cream is imported from Thailand.

If you are concerned about an allergic reaction, you must consult your doctor before using anything new on your baby's skin. Be sure to read the guidelines and warning labels before using any new product.

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