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Boots are very elite casual footwear. You can now buy boots at a low price in Bangladesh on ajkerdeal. Boots can be worn with any kind of casual wear. Ajkerdeal has a great and stylish collection of men’s casual boots. You can order now and get it delivered. 

What is Boot?

Boot is not any specific footwear. It is a category of footwear. Footwear that covers not only the feet but also the ankles and sometimes more can be classified as boots. Some modern boots cover up to knee or even hips. Boots can have hills that are distinguishable from other shoes. The main function of a boot is to protect the feet from water, extreme cold, mud and even from dangerous insects or animals. Because of these functions, boots are the main footwear for militaries of almost every nation of the world. Not only military, boots are also regulated by law to some specific profession such as, mining, and garbage collection or construction workers. Boots are mainly made of leather or rubber but now modern casual boots are being made of various different materials.

The early boots were not one piece shoe. Early boots consisted with leggings, soles and an upper wear put together. These three parts were called boots together. They were used for ankle protection. Around 1000 BC, these three components were joint together and became one shoe. A kind of leather boots were introduced in China, India and all the way to Russia in between the 1200s to the 1500s by the Mongolians. The early Dutch merchants were amongst the first to introduce boots in Europe.

The boots are made in such a way that the users are able to walk through snow, water, mud or dust. No water, dust or mud can enter through the lace hole or anywhere of the boots because of its structure. Gum boots are made in different sizes of upper. They are made of rubber so they protect the feet from water or mud. There are special boots made for steel workers, chemical workers and construction workers. There are also special boots made for some sports as well. In modern ages, boots are worn for fashion as well. The style or fashion boots are called casual boots. These boots might not have that high protective functionality but they are worn for fashion. On ajkerdeal you will find various styles of boots. Choose one according to your taste and order now.

Buy Gents Boot on Ajkerdeal

Ajkerdeal has one of the largest collections of gents boot online in BD. from the various kinds of boot you can find one that is suitable for you and goes with your appearance. 

Gum Boots: 

Gum boots are made of rubber and also known as rubber bootsGum boots are usually worn when the user is working in water, mud or expected to face heavy shower. They are usually just below knee but there are shorter ones as well. These boots are recommended as a highly industrial safety. You can find gumboots on There is a collection of good quality and flexible gumboots. 

Casual Boots: 

Casual boots are the most popular kinds of boots among the general people. These boots are not as long as a gumboot or military boot. They generally come up the ankles. Casual boots are mostly made of a softer material to make it comfortable. These boots are generally worn with socks. On ajkerdeal you will find some of the best casual boots with different design, color and material. So do not be late and order now on 

Leather Boots: 

Leather casual boots are also very elegant footwear. If it is worn with jeans, the lower body looks very cool. Leather boots are a little harder than regular casual boots. And this property of a leather boot makes it a perfect choice for bike riders. It will protect you from unwanted minor injuries. Besides that, the rider looks cooler with a leather boot. 

Fabric Boots: 

Fabric boots are made with a thick fabric canvas. It also called golf boot. These boots come in various colors and designs. These golf boots can be worn with jeans or casual dresses. You can find these boots online on ajkerdeal. You just have to visit and order your selected boot and it will be delivered to you.