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Comfortable Gents Converse & Sneakers Price in Bangladesh

While the sneaker wars explode on between brands such as Nike, Adidas and Yeezy, one label attitudes above the fray: Converse. The famous, American brand has been producing its iconic sneakers for beyond 100 years now and is yet going strong. Providing customers including a classic style that never quits being cool, Converse has become resistant to the tumultuous waves of fashion trends. Now, the brand offers an expanded range of unique shoes in differing styles and colors. From classic, black high tops and manageable, white low tops, to bold, colored designs and everything in among, Converse grants a sneaker to accommodate every gent’s style.

Black and White Converse

Classic, black and white, lace-up sneakers are undoubtedly identifiable as Sneakers/Converse. The style is not the single one that all knows, but it’s more one that every man should keep. The relaxed and cool shoe is one that partners well with several outfits but seems best among your off-duty wardrobe. Giving a slight edge to your style, these sneakers seem great among casual, rough-around-the-edges outfits. To style black and white Converse, start including your favorite pair of relaxed or distressed jeans. Then, tackle your top half outwardly over-thinking it. Layer collectively loose styles, such as a T-shirt, chambray shirt, and bomber jacket, for an excellent, simple style.

High Top All Black Converse

Black, high top Converse have a large edgy feel. Play up that rock and roll theme by clothing the part and wearing the appropriate outfit. Black, cuffed skinny jeans execute the perfect trouser partner to certain dark sneakers. As for your height, retain it cool and classic among a plain white tee or go bold and a little bohemian among a patterned, short-sleeve shirt. The choice is yours, but be positive to finish off your look including a pair of dark shades. Some classic black wayfarers execute for the ultimate rock star accessory.

Black Low Top Converse

While white low top sneakers obtain a great summer look, black low top sneakers are ideal for a casual winter outfit. The dark shoes seem most stylish when paired among cold-weather styles in neutral tones and dark hues. Be positive to avoid dressing in total black, however, by adding some color variance to retain the look fresh and modern. Moreover, remember that these sneakers seem best with casual styles, so evade formal outfits and opt for relaxed dressing preferably. Some simple skinny jeans or slim chinos will do the cover for pants. As for your first half, a parka or jumper insistence complete your look and retain you warm. Then, just combine a beanie or scarf and you’re ready to operate the streets.

Comfortable Gents Converse & Sneakers Price in Bangladesh

There was a t-shirt fitting including your favorite jeans. What is wearing in the legs? a snicker or converse would be a great choice! Not just t-shirts but also including the hoodies, the sneakers accommodate well. Also with Casual-style Blazers, sneakers can be well docile. 

Going around with friends, clothing is manageable when traveling to class you can consume a pair of sneakers or converse. Comfortable to wear in that season. If you exhaust sandals, the dilemma of cold can happen. The easiest solution at this moment is sneakers.

Just a few days before, only the boys were perceived to wear sneakers. But presently young girls are using sneakers too. Wearing sneakers is very comfortable than any different pair of shoes. It’s very beneficial for the students. The foremost material of the sole of the sneakers is rubber and the body is produced of fabric, synthetic leather etc. There are more colorful and attractive design sneakers available for the girls in the shop.

The cost of the sneakers depends on the brand, color and design. It additionally depends on the essence of the product. The amount of the sneakers starts from 800tk, and it can be 5000tk max. Apex, Lotto, Bata, Bay etc. are the best brand of shoes in Bangladesh.

Where to Buy

You will buy a snicker from the big shopping mall like Elephant Road, Uttara, Mirpur, New Market, Dhanmondi, Gulshan, Paltan in Dhaka. But if you require to get those online, you need to visit There is a large collection of sneakers for boys and girls. All the merchandise quality is pretty good and the price is very reasonable.You can get the top quality sneakers  converse from the top merchants from