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Men's Casual Shoes Price in BD - Buy Online

Casual shoes are daily companions of a modern man. Everyone looks for a stylish casual shoe at an affordable price to wear everywhere with comfort. Ajkerdeal has a massive collection of casual shoes for men. These shoes are stylish, within your budget, and comfortable. We are always here to be your guide of style and fashion. Buy Men's Sandal & Slides at Cheap Price in Bangladesh. Bata, Apex, Lotto branded options Sandal is available for you. 

Men’s Shopping Casual Shoes 

People are using shoes for a long time. In ancient times, humans used to wrap their feet with animal skins to protect their feet from sharp objects. But during the ice age, the shoes become very useful against the cold weather. In 1938 the oldest shoe ever was found in the Fort Rock Cave of the US and it was dated around 7500 BC. Though it is believed that humans used footwear long before that but the materials were perishable so no evidence was found. 


Archaeologists suggest that primitive humans had large, strong toes. But the toes became smaller and weaker from 45000 to 26000 years ago. They suggest that it was because of using footwear. Using footwear removed the extra pressure of the feet and the structure began to change. Many early North American natives used to wear a special kind of footwear called moccasin. Moccasin was made of leather. Sometimes they used to decorate them as well.

Casual Footwear For Man’s Personality

The definition of a shoe is a kind of footwear to protect and comfort the people feet. But in modern time’s shoes have an additional purpose to serve. Casual Shoes are not only worn for protection or comfort but also for casual fashion in a wide array. Even, fashion has become the first priority for some reasons and style statements.


Now shoes are classified according to fashion. Men and women both have different fashions. Each of them has shoes for different events or occasions or places. And this fashion differs from culture to culture. Men have shoes for casual wear, formal wear, sports, home, and more. Women have the same slip-on shoes.

Stylish Casual Shoe on Ajkerdeal:

Being the largest online marketplace of Bangladesh, ajkerdeal has a great collection of shoes for men. The shoes are stylish, comfortable to wear, and at an affordable price. Casual shoes are for regular use. They are not formal or for sports events and purposes. You can wear them anywhere. They match with your everyday fashion like jeans, t-shirt or shirt, etc. ajkerdeal has a great collection of shoes.

Loafer Casual Shoes for Men:

Loafers are also known as a slip-on for footwear collection. They are low and lace-less shoes. They were first introduced in the US. They were introduced as casual shoes and now they gained popularity around the world but mostly accepted by men fashion. They are now worn in many colors and on various occasions. On ajkerdeal, you will find some of the best and most stylish loafers in Bangladesh in various color contrast even in style. These will make you more comfortable and stylish in your casual events.

Keds Shoes for Men:

Previously, keds were worn only as sportswear. But they have been adapted as casual footwear because of their comfort. Now, sports keds and casual keds are very different in style and materials. The casual keds are also known as converse or sneakers. You will find a variety of converse and sneakers on ajkerdeal. They are as comfortable as they are stylish.

Men’s Fashion Fabric Shoe:

Popular Velcro casual footwear is fabric shoes. They are comfortable, soft, and keep the feet cooler. There are two types of fabric shoes. One is with lace and another is without lace. Both of them come in different colors and sizes to select as your choice. You can order a pair of shoes now on and it will be delivered to your doorstep within a couple of days.

Leather Men’s Shoes:

Leather shoes are the classics which makes the classic look on a day basis. Humans are using leather shoes from the beginning. Leather shoes are durable and they do not get spoiled easily and the color is redoable anytime. On ajkerdeal, you will find the best and stylish leather casual shoes for your feet and can order them.

Slip Ons Sandals For Men:

Sandals are a much simpler kind of footwear. 2 or more straps on a hard sole and the rest are open. It is very commonly worn with traditional Bengali dresses. You will find some of the best casual sandal collection on ajkerdeal.

Handmade Half Shoes for Men-Black

Handmade Half Shoes are made with hand-stitched with pure leather, synthetic leather material for Men Albatross shoes (Long life) Brand shoes are available online BD. If you wear these shoes with a formal look, it will make you look great and give you a different casual look. You can also wear these shoes at an office or wedding events. 

Male Breathable Sports Casual Shoes

Sports shoes include Male Breathable Sports Shoes with another special feature for boys which is more effective for you playing or outing wear. This wide variety of footwear collection and sports shoes in casual performance takes tomes in the applicable gender male foot. It is also applicable to sports General purpose uses. Breathable sports casual shoes in also appropriate season wearing in Spring, autumn, summer even every season. Moreover, after wearing these shoes, you can exercise while walking on the road. So if you have the opportunity to exercise, buy sports casual shoes from the online platform. 

Brown Shadow Shoes for Men JW106

Brown Shadow Casual Shoes You will find these shoes at attractive prices. You can easily wear these shoes in office, party, meeting, outdoor plan and it can also be one of the examples for styling. Brown Shadow Shoes are available in men’s shopping casual to wear shoe collection and If you do not know the size of the shoe can measure it with inch tepe: 40 –24.5 cm, 41–25 cm, 42-25.5cm, 43-26 cm. 

Gen’s Leather Casual Loafer Online 

We provide the best leather loafers casual shoes for men that combine fashion look and casual together. You can see the loafers with the help of jeans if you want. Loafers can be worn with denim and khaki for the best look of the boys and can be emphasized with shorts in the warm season. This loafer is a 100% leather shoe product very sustainable and exported product material in full leather material Italian buyer with replacing guaranty on our site. 

Royal COBBLER Brown PU Leather Shoes 

Among the Royal COBBLER, casual shoes are brown PU leather shoes that can be a top choice for a boy shoe fashion. Royal's Shoes is an available ajkerdeal online site and we are offering an array of shoes and sandals from the best quality leather. Royal Casual Shoes Size: Available in sizes 39,40,41,42,43,44. If you want your attractive look then you will find casual shoes that place equal emphasis on the comfort and durability of the classic design which will give precedence to casual shoes.

Casual Keds Shoes For Mens Comfort

If you want to find the best shoes from the Keds collection, you have to visit our ajkerdeal site because we are providing the best Keds shoes for interested customers like you. With a pair of sneakers, you can express both the beauty and comfort of your feet and for boys, we have a separate category from which they can buy Keds shoes based on their casual look even the comforts walking. 

Buy Cotton Sneaker Shoes for Men

If you are looking for cotton sneaker shoes then browse our ajkerdeal site now and you will find cotton sneaker shoes in the best style for boys. Cotton sneaker shoes are being provided especially for boys and this cotton sneaker will match the round toe shape with Loafers & Slip Ons type shoes. These kinds of shoes are considered as Men's Canvas Loafers Slip On low top shoes in Moccasin sneakers fashion Item allowing you to a comfy situation. 

Other Pair Of Footwear Collection Online in BD

Ajkerdeal is your most trusted online shopping store. As the predominance of casual shoes, our online site boys shoe fashion and shoe crafts are only involved in comfort for those men who value authenticity and originality above all else. You can find various designs and styles of footwear. Besides casual footwear, you can find sports shoes, formal shoes, sandals, sleepers for your home, and even kid’s shoes. You just have to place an order and it will get to you.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) On- Men's Casual Shoes Price in BD - Buy Online

  1. What is a men’s casual shoe?

Answer: Casual shoes for boys are usually a kind of criterion later on casual shoes are characterized by strong leather uppers, or leatherless outsoles, and wide foot profiles. Casual shoes are meant to be designed for a casual look

  1. What shoes are smart casual for men?

Answer: There are casual shoes for men but there are some types of shoes that indicate smart casual. One of the advantages of a smart casual style is that there is more freedom in the shoe than you can carry with you. Boots and loafers work well with smart shoes if you want to keep a casual look ahead.

  1. Can you wear loafers casually?

Answer: Yes, you can. In a casual fashion setting, the loafer footwear can replace any of your other casual shoes to add a bit of dash to your look especially men's fashion. 

  1. What casual men's shoes are in style?

Answer: Men’s casual shoes are in always stands for style. But there are boots, men’s loafers, dress sneakers, sneakers, sports sneakers, Moccasins styling boots, combat boots, double monk straps style shoes, etc is selected the men’s footwear in casual style range.

  1. What are the coolest sneakers for guys? 

Answer: You will find the best coolest sneakers at ajkerdeal online, let's check out the collection of Nike, Adidas Ultra Boost, Vans Old Skool Sneakers, and other branded coolest sneaker for guys.

  1. Where can I buy casual shoes for men?

Answer: If you want to buy casual shoes for men, you can buy comfortable casual shoes for boys from local and foreign brands from the largest marketplace, in Bangladesh and you will get them at all attractive prices.