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Upgrade your kitchen with the modern kitchen appliances. Make your grilling and baking simpler with oven from Now you can prepare restaurant style food at your home. Add a great addition to your kitchen with oven as they offer innovative technology and comes with stylish design.Cook faster with microwave oven from Oven is among one of the modern kitchen appliances for your home. They are also essential to simplify your cooking process. There are microwave oven, toaster oven, grill oven etc. with different functions. They are easy to install & use, durable and reliable.

Electric Ovens are appliances with enclosed space with metallic elements at the top and bottom. Electric current flows through the metallic elements to heat up the element and in turn the enclosed space and cook food. A typical Oven is between 1000 and 2000 watts, but it does not consume all of it during its complete operation. Its electricity consumption depends on the temperature set in the thermostat. Electricity consumption will also depend on the size of the oven and a bigger oven will consume more electricity.

Microwaves ovens use electromagnetic energy and generate electromagnetic waves that heats up the food kept in the appliance. Unlike a conventional oven, they do not heat up the whole space inside the appliance and just use the waves to heat the food kept in it. Making them much more electricity efficient than traditional ovens. Microwave ovens are also rated less around 500-1000 watts. Because the waves in microwave are concentrated on food, they also cook much faster.

Ovens are used for multi-functional purposes. They have a host of features to perfect your culinary skill. Save your time and make cooking more convenient with various modes of cooking. You can use it either to heat food or cook food in a very short time. You can prepare delicious breakfast, bake cookies or cakes, grills with ease using the convection system. Try all the new flavors and cuisines, sitting at home. They ensure you to bring a new food experience at the dining table.

They come in a variety of sizes and colors. The fan-forced air spreads the heat quickly and evenly, so you can cook or bake several dishes at once without flavors spreading between them. Now, it is easier and more flexible to bake or custom broil delicious dishes with the multiple cooking levels and adjustable racks. The warning function enables you to keep food warm without burning. There are also defrost function, timer function, power indicator light, temperature control and many more functions.

Shop for microwaves from the famous brands including LG, Walton, Sharp, Novena, Linnex, Shimizu, Panasonic, Rangs, Conion and from many more brands. They also come with warranty ensuring best quality service. Enjoy a good meal with oven from