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Ruti is very popular in our country for every morning’s breakfast. But health-conscious people often worry about one thing,what is good for health? Wheat flour or refined flour,which one is best? Here are some information from the experts.

How Atta and Maida are made:

The process of making atta and maida is actually different. Wheat is crushed to make atta. It is also crushed with wheat seeds. Because of this, the color of the atta is quite brown. But atta is refined to make maida. The wheat peels are separated. The process done for several times. Because of this, the color of the maida becomes white.

Atta is More Healthy:

Atta is considered to be more healthy than maida. Because there is a lot of fiber in the atta that is edible. It is also rich in vitamins and minerals. But maida does not have that much. It does not contain calories, however.

Chemical bleach:

The atta is called 'All-Purpose Flour'. Bleached with chemical material to bring out its beautiful white appearance and smoothness. But these processes are not implemented in Atta. As a result, they are much healthier and better.


Many types of nutrients are matched in the Atta It contains folate, riboflavin and vitamins B1, B1 and B3. There is a lot of flour behind. In the process of purification almost all the nutrients are extracted from the flour.


Attas contains a lot more fiber than white flour. There are many benefits to fiber-rich foods. Reduces constipation, lowers cholesterol levels in the blood and reduces weight.

Other material:

Atta has amino acids and antioxidants. They help the body function properly. These ingredients work well to relieve anxiety, sleeplessness, headaches and depression.

Glycemic Index:

In the glycemic index of refined atta or maida, the atta rests very high. Those foods that are elevated in this index increase glucose levels in the blood. It disrupts insulin production and increases the risk of diabetes.

Different uses:

Maida is used to make cakes, cookies, pasta, noodles, muffins and cakes. And bread, pitha and dessert are used to make atta.

We usually use atta and maida to make pitha, ruti and paratha for cooking purposes. But it is unbelievable that in addition to making food, atta or maida has many different uses. And many of us do not know about these uses. Let's find out today about some unknown functional uses of atta and maida.

Making glue:

Any work will need glue, but when the glue is finished, Then one thing can be done. Make 2 tablespoons atta or maida mixed with water and continue to burn it in the oven. After a while see that the mixture will start to boil and the glue has formed. This glue is pretty strong.

As a dry shampoo:

Hair is not shampooed but need to go to important meetings outside. Sprinkle some flour or flour on the hair. Then shave the hair well. The flour or flour will absorb the hair oil. Then shake the dough with fine hair. Avoid the hassle of shampoo.

To remove insect spiders:

Making a line of atta and maida by thickening the window of the room. It will not allow ants or other insects to enter the house. Besides, when seeing any line of ants, atta and maida can be sprinkled on top of it.

To clean the copper fittings:

Make a mixture with equal salt, vinegar and flour or flour. Apply this mixture on top of copper. When dry, remove the rub. Then it will be seen  absolutely shining.

Natural scrub:

Scrubbing is much more important for the skin. And the quality of natural scrubbers is much higher than that of chemically rich scrubbers. Make a mixture with 3 teaspoons flour or 1 teaspoon milk in flour. Put it on the face and wait for it to dry a little. Then rub the finger with a finger and wipe the face. You can use rice powder if you get the best results.

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