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Exclusive Design Dressing Table at the Best Price in Bangladesh

A Dressing table used to have some aristocracy attached to them. They are also known as vanity tables for the same reason. In the old days, royal women were fond of spending considerable time near a dressing table. Gradually, this furniture can be found in its place in every household. Now, it's essential furniture for every household. This piece of furniture is a nice way to add some glamour to an otherwise dull bedroom. It's like your close companion with whom you spend some time every day. You need it to fix yourself early in the morning without much clutter or fuss.


Girls always want to keep themselves tiptop, and tidy. The dressing table is the personal dream furniture of all girls, where usually girls do makeup, set hair, do makeup and skincare. So this furniture should be like their own choice. It is considered as bedroom furniture. The thickness of the material can reduce the risk of damage or any minor blemish. But it should be taken special care while transportation. But the actual color of furniture may vary from photography.

The design of a dressing table is very important. It is better if the number of drawers is more, then more things can be arranged. Even if the mirror is small, there is no problem, just seeing the face is enough. But many people prefer large mirrors. That's why they set separate large mirrors so that the whole outfit can be seen. Now, this furniture can be found online in Bangladesh at a very reasonable price. Some of them come from Malaysia and Hong kong also.

History of Dressing Table

The idea of ​​a dressing table is quite old. In the ancient Indus Valley’s civilization, a kind of dresser set decorated with copper mirrors and ivory boxes was available. This dresser set is almost the size of a dressing table during the Mughal period after various evolutions. Round or oval mirrors, two shelves, and gorgeous ornaments were some of the features of this dresser set.


The dressing table used in modern times was born in Europe. Women from aristocratic families in France used a kind of box or dressing-case. It had a small mirror, shelves for perfume and other cosmetics. By the end of the seventeenth century, the box was placed on a table, and a chair was set up. The idea of this furniture comes from there. In the eighteenth century, this dressing table became a symbol of family dignity and fancy. 

The Material of a Dressing Table 


Dressing tables can be made of different species of hardwoods such as teak, mahogany, pine, oak, etc. In this case, the cost will be higher.


Nowadays in our country, plastic-made dressing tables are using instead of wood. The plastic dressing table is quite light in weight. Due to its low weight, you can change its place after a while if you want, it will change the look of the house and it will look good.


Nowadays dressing tables are also being made with melamine board, plywood, or hardboard. These are being used as an alternative to wood. These plywood boards look like wood, but they are quite light. These boards are popular for their aesthetics and affordability, durable enough, and are also safe for human health. Plywood boards are manufactured in the latest technology using modern adhesive compositions.

Wrought Iron

Besides, dressing tables made of wrought iron are also in vogue nowadays. Traditional touches can be brought to this furniture by making of wrought iron.


A dressing table can also be made with glass, which will be quite unique. Because people usually do not make dressing table with glass. It can be made entirely of tempered glass, or simply with a glass that holds metal, or wood at the base. It would be better to use a metal frame to give durability to this furniture.


A cane-made dressing table can also be kept in the house. It will be quite light but strong.

The Style of the Dressing Table

Nowadays various themed dressing tables have become popular. Old days design, modern designs, combinations, etc. a few more types of dressing tables are being used more. Below are some of the popular themes of the dressing table-

The Empire Theme

The style of this dressing table is characterized by countertops, which have square, round, oval, or curved shapes as well as straight or curved legs.

Modern Theme

This modern dressing table has a great carving line pattern insertion.

Baroque Theme

This theme is in a very elegant and sophisticated style. The baroque decor is often used in carvings. The countertop can even have marble and overflow with a glossy surface.

Scandinavian Theme

One of the features of this theme furniture is that it is quite heavy to look at, but it is made of light wood. Its designs are made of light wood

is visible.

French Theme

The dressing table can also be arranged in an ancient French theme by matching it with other furniture in the bedroom. In this case, a lot of heavy work has to be done on the dressing table. Corner and body designs are usually engraved in golden, silver, or bronze colors on white furniture in French themes.

Loft Theme

The dressing table in this theme usually has wheels under the legs. The table with an array of solid wood is set on a metal base.


If there is not enough light in your bedroom, or if the room is not bright enough, this furniture should be illuminated with additional lighting fixtures. To do this you can take a simple table lamp or mount the bulbs on the surface of a mirror or trellis.

Tips Before Buying a Dressing Table

If you are looking for great vanity tables, you should keep two things in mind - to suit your taste and meet all the functionality. 

Choosing a Perfect Place

Three things that come first while choosing such a table are the condition of your bedroom, your choice of design, and of course, your budget.


A dressing table generally finds its place in the bedroom of any general household, but some are installed in a separate dressing room. And the equation changes there; the type of furniture for an exclusive dressing room and a bedroom are somewhat different. Next things come to space. Queen Victoria's dressing table, though very elegant, you can't place it to fit in a small space such as a modern apartment. Availability of space and the location is very important for choosing this furniture. You have to look for the ones that are not very large in size or very elaborate, yet have good finish and functions. 

The Condition

If you are going for a luxurious (and expensive) one, you should expect the durability of the same. So, the choice of material is very important as the heating and moisture of the bedroom affect the durability of any furniture. Room climate does affect the color, finish, and strength of the furniture in the long run. In addition to that, the existing decor of the bedroom plays a role in choosing one type of table over the other. The background and color of your bedroom must match that of the furniture. Because it's not wise to buy a dressing table first and then change the home around it. Changing the home is definitely more expensive than changing a piece of furniture. 

The Design

By design, here, we'll consider the style, shape, size, color, and finish, though design as such doesn't fit any solid definition. It's as much liquid as the ever-changing trends in fashion. Every design cannot match your requirements. The console, the mirror, the drawers, the lift-up lids, the pedestal, and other accessories, all have something special about them- in terms of design. You have to pick one from a multitude of available types. The material and finish are the final considerations.

The Place to set a Dressing Table

Dressing Room

The best place for a dressing table is the dressing room. It can be set here. By keeping it here, it will be possible to choose an outfit in parallel and take care of both makeup and hair immediately.

The Bathroom

A dressing table can also be set in the bathroom if desired. It can be placed next to the sink. However, due to the high humidity in the bathroom, it is necessary to choose a table from waterproof varieties, for example, tropical wenge wood. It is water-insulating, so it is ideal for use in the bathroom.


You can place a small dressing table in the hall or hallway, where various small things will be stored in drawers.


Most users keep their dressing table in the bedroom, because, if this furniture is in the bedroom, it is convenient to do makeup or skincare very quickly.

Some Tips for Arranging a Dressing Table

  • Arrange the things you have and set them on the dressing table. You can write down what you are putting in the drawer. Then it will be convenient to find any product easily.

  • Keep your dressing table organized to reduce clutter. Keep all the products properly to find them anytime.

  • If there is not much space in the room, turn the bathroom shelves into it.

  • Pink, white, and golden colors are good choices for the dressing table. However, in this case, the color of this furniture can be chosen by matching it with other furniture of the house or with the color of the house.

  • The user can decorate it in different colors according to the mood at different times. It will also make the house look good and make the house different.



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  1. What height should a dressing table be? 

Answer: A dressing table’s height should be at least 160 cm of wall height. At a minimum, 80 cm for the height of the dresser and 80 cm for the height of a mirror is ok.

  1. Where should I put my dressing table? 

Answer: The best place for setting up a dressing table is the dressing room. But nowadays, many houses do not have a dressing room. In this case, the bedroom is the place where the dressing table can be kept.

  1. What is the dressing table used for? 

Answer: It is used for doing makeup, skincare, and to be prepared for going outside.

  1. Where should a dressing table be placed in a bedroom? 

Answer: The best place for placing a dressing table is the place where enough light is available. A user must need sufficient light for creating a makeover.

  1. Which wood is best for the dressing table? 

Answer: Sheesham, oak, or Mahogany wood is strong, so they can be used for making a dressing table.