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Mug For Daily Use

Drinking Tea or Coffee in a mug is a general thing. Without a mug, we cannot think about drinking tea or coffee. Nowadays, many people started drinking water in a mug also. That’s why the design of the mug should be attractive, strong and good-looking. Then it will feel good to use the mug. 

The Material of the Mugs

In the past, only ceramic or glass mugs were available. But nowadays, different material mugs are available in the market. In addition to wood, bamboo, silver, steel, mugs are now common. The terracotta-designed clay mugs are also of great interest. Not only local mugs but also foreign mugs are also available in the market now.

Special Day’s Mugs

The manufacturers make mugs for the special days and now it has become a trend. For example, Friend's Day is written as 'O friend I miss you terribly,' Mother's Day Mug may have been written as 'Mother is My World', and on Valentine’s day, love is expressed not just in words but also in shapes.

Taking Care of a Mug

White or transparent glass mugs can be washed with water and rubbed thoroughly with a soft brush with toothpaste to make it glowing and shining. If there is a stain on the drinking water, lemon juice will have to leave in the mug for some time. Then after washing with the dishwasher, it will be as shiny as new.

The designed ceramic or glass mugs should be washed regularly with a soft toothbrush. If it is not done, the corners of the design may become dirty and the dirt will freeze.

Tea and coffee stains easily fall off white or transparent mugs. To remove this stain, mix half a cup of vinegar, one tablespoon baking soda and a half cup of hot water together and leave it in the stained mug for two hours. After washing with water, the stain will be gone and the mug will shine like a new one.

The stainless steel mug loses its glow after a few days of use. To bring this shiny look back, you need to rinse with baking soda, or mix it with vinegar and rinse thoroughly with water.

To remove stains from melamine mugs, baking soda should be made a thick paste and washed for some time in place of stains.

Below Description is Given of some Beautiful Mugs that are Available at

LED Lighting Glass

The LED glasses are best for a party on the occasion. The glasses have a unique design that is attracted by people.  When the glass is full of liquid, the LED lights will be on. When the glass is empty, no light will be on.

Hand-Made Coconut Shell Cup

This cup is made from Natural Coconut Shell. Its components are Coconut Shell and Wooden Handle. It's completely eco-friendly. Naturally polished, attractive design and durable product.

We also provide automatic color-changing mugs. If you pour any kind of hot water or liquid into it, the color will change automatically. They are ideal for valentine's gift, birthday gift or anniversary gift also.

There is led multi-color magic mug which will flare up with colorful light when pouring water into it. They are ideal to serve any kind of drink in a unique style. They also bring a nice environment at your house. Choose your favorite one from our site and get them at a great price.

There is a self-stirring coffee mug that is ideal to stir tea, coffee or any hot drinks. It is insulated and come with a non-spill lid to keep your drinks warm for long hours. They simply operate with battery, so just press the button for instant stirring action.

The lens design coffee mug comes with elegant design and shape to look exactly like a camera lens. They are made of good quality material, so the inside steel body makes sure that the beverage kept inside does not leave a stain or smell inside.

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