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Find the perfect safety and security gadgets online from Buy all types of safety and security gadgets for the security of your office from the largest online shopping mall in Bangladesh, We provide a wide variety of CC camera, IP camera, NVR/DVR, metal detector, metal detector gate, vehicle search mirror, fire extinguisher, safety helmet & goggles and many more for the complete protection of your office.

Browse through for a wide variety of CCtv camera online. They are ideal to use in the shop, supermarket, hotel, parking lot, library, office, plant, community, storage and many more places.

CC Camera

CCTV means closed-circuit television. CCTV relies on strategic placement of two or more cameras, and observation of the cameras input on monitors somewhere. They have some ordinary video cameras although they have some unique features. They can use wireless transmission to send images to monitors. Once the monitor receives the images, it sends to the DVR. These cameras also have the ability to zoom in and out depending on the type of lens they have.

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IP Camera

IP stands for Internet Protocol and basically refers to a digital video camera that can send and receive data via a computer network, as opposed to sending a feed to a DVR. IP camera can capture am wide field of view than comparable to analog cameras. Which means a single IP camera can handle the job of 3-4 old school cameras. There are several types of IP camera, such as: Box camera, Dome camera, Bullet camera & PTZ camera.

There is Wi-Fi IP camera with HD quality recording. Now you can monitor your office or home from anywhere with your smartphones. There is also NVR/DVR camera for the security of your office. There is handheld metal detector with high sensitivity. They are convenient and easy to use.Our wide range of handheld metal detector comes with ultra-high sensibility and durability. They are ideal to easily detect any metal like silver, gold, platinum, copper brass, mild and stainless steel. They can easily operate with rechargeable battery.

There is metal detector gate which come with six separate detection zones to check the metal’s accurate position. Buy metal detector gates online from There is under vehicle search mirror which come in lightweight with adjustable handle.We also provide fire extinguisher, fire stop sprayer, smoke detector, fire escape mask, fire blanket and many more to avoid fire.There is also safety helmet and goggles. provides a huge variety safety and security gadgets online for the complete security of your office. Enjoy a hassle-free online shopping experience with us.