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Rice Cookers in Bangladesh | Miyako, Kiam, Philips, Donlim & others |


Rice cooker is a very useful and versatile kitchen appliance. To find the right rice cookers for your kitchen, just click on

Rice cookers can be used for cooking rice, khichdi, polao, biryani, soup and many more items for your hassle-free and easy cooking. You can also steam noodles, pasta, vegetable, potatoes with the help of it. We also offer rice cookers with different capacity so that they can suit your needs.

Most of our rice cookers equipped with automatic temperature control system, non-stick coating inner pot, sealed pressure structure, high level non-melt inner plate to make a perfect addition to your kitchen.

Our rice cookers come with attractive and elegant design. It can also be a unique gift for the newly-married couple. Apart from rice cookers, other products like curry cooker, food steamer, egg boiler etc. are also available on our site.     

We welcome you to browse through for the famous brands like Miyako, Kiam, Panasonic, Linnex, Philips, Vision, Novena, Donlim and much more. Among the Bangladeshi brands, you can check out the Vision rice cooker that is really efficient & durable.

We are here to help you find the best rice cookers for you and your family. For the best quality products at the perfect prize, shop from your trusted online shopping mall, Browse through our catagories and find out your desired product online and we will deliver your product in your doorstep.