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Rice Cookers in Bangladesh | Miyako, Kiam, Philips, Donlim & others | 

Rice cooker is a very useful and versatile kitchen appliance. To find the right rice cookers for your kitchen, just click on

Everyone is busy in the modern age, so no one really has time to waste behind cooking. Also, as there is a gas crisis in different areas, many people do not have gas in their homes. It is not possible to cook without gas, so there is an alternative to gas. So if you want to get rid of the hassle of cooking, you can use a rice cooker. brings you rice cookers of different sizes and different famous brands, at the lowest prices. Choose the rice cooker you need today, order online, and get free home delivery.

Rice Cooker

A rice cooker is an electrical kitchen appliance that is used for cooking rice. It has an insulated outer container and a removable bowl inside. The bowl is coated with a non-stick surface and there is an indicator for the water level to maintain the quantity of rice. The cooking principle is, it boils the rice through heating via the electric elements around the inner container. While cooking in the cooker, and when the water is being evaporated from food, about 700 watts of electric power is consumed

When the food is cooked, 30 to 45 watts of electricity is consumed. A rice cooker cooks the rice and also can keep the rice warm for approximately 24 hours with their ‘stay warm’ function. It protects the food in such temperature so that any bacteria cant grow in it. The newly designed rice cookers are using a new method for cooking. It is an electric timer and a thermostat. Some people use rice cookers to make not only rice, but also other foods that needed to be steamed, such as steamed vegetables, dumplings, different kinds of lentils, idlis, dhoklas, biryani, eggs and many more.

Some Important Rules for Keep the Rice Cooker Well

  • The power switch must be turned off after cooking.
  • After cooking, the rice cooker should be cleaned with water and wiped with a dry cloth so that it does not get wet anywhere.
  • It is better to keep the rice cooker in an open place with light and air.
  • When cooking in a rice cooker, it should not be cooked at a high temperature to get the cooking done quickly, it should be cooked at a normal temperature.
  • The switch should be turned off when the power goes off while cooking. The lid cannot be opened when the cooking is incomplete, as there is a risk of spoiling the food.

Some Rice Cookers That Are Available in AjkerDeal

NOVA Rice Cooker KL-50B (900W) 

Nova brand’s rice cooker, the model number is KL-50B, power is 900w. Its capacity is 2.5 liter. It has a non-stick inner pot available. It has also automatic ‘keep warm’ function and safety protection for high temperature. There is a detachable inner cord with it. It is made in China and has a 1 year warranty. Volt- 200 to 240 volt.

Travel Rice Cooker

Travel Rice Cooker, a mini-sized rice cooker by C&H solutions. It is

a 1.5 cup sized rice cooker. In this cooker, 700gm rice can be easily cooked. It has ‘keep warm’ option. The rice cooker is very suitable for travel and it is ideal for personal use. It operates by a one-touch button. The weight of this cooker is 800gm.

Automatic Rice and Vegetable Cooker

This cooker can cook 5 cups of rice. Its warm function is able to keep food warm for up to 5 hours. It is a brand new product, strong, tough, and long-lasting.

Rice cookers can be used for cooking rice, khichdi, pulao, biryani, soup, and many more items for your hassle-free and easy cooking. You can also steam noodles, pasta, vegetable, potatoes with the help of it. We also offer rice cookers with different capacities so that they can suit your needs.

Most of our rice cookers equipped with the automatic temperature control system, non-stick coating inner pot, sealed pressure structure, high level non-melt inner plate to make a perfect addition to your kitchen.

Our rice cookers come with an attractive and elegant design. It can also be a unique gift for the newly-married couple. Apart from rice cookers, other products like curry cooker, food steamer, egg boiler, etc. are also available on our site.

We welcome you to browse through for famous brands like Miyako, Kiam, Panasonic, Linnex, Philips, Vision, Novena, Donlin, and much more. Among the Bangladeshi brands, you can check out the Vision rice cooker that is really efficient & durable.

We are here to help you find the best rice cookers for you and your family. For the best quality products at the perfect prize, shop from your trusted online shopping mall,