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Crockery is one such thing that is regularly used in our home. We use this product on a daily basis in our daily activities. Without crockery set its impossible to survive. Each and every people need this for various purposes, like cooking, eating, storing food, etc. provides all types of crockery items according to your taste and preferences. You can now view our products and order online for quick and easy service. You can now ornate and decorate your dining table with our plate and dish set. This adds beauty and character to the table. Match your dinner plates with serving dishes with contrasting colors and designs.

In ancient times, people only prepared food to satisfy their hunger. And there was no arrangement for serving it when whatever was available were eaten in those. But as civilization has progressed, man has become more civilized and has learned to present all things beautifully. Nowadays, special dishes are used to entertain any guest in the house, and separate crockery is used for their own use in the house. Due to this, the demand for crockery has increased. The type of crockery reflects a person's taste.

The initiative to enhance the beauty of food usually starts from the kitchen and cooking utensils. Being able to serve food beautifully is also a matter of beauty. So if you want to do this job perfectly, you need different ingredients, such as dinner plate, cutlery set, serving bowl, fry pan, saucepan, knife and fork set, rice boul, curry boul, etc. This crockery on the dining table not only enhances the beauty of the food but also enhances the quality of the food.

With crockery, you can serve any food as you like. The crockery we use is usually made of ceramic, glass, clay, plastic, or porcelain. These are as beautiful to look at as they are easy to use.

Glass crockery comes in a variety of attractive colors. Some of them are transparent and some of them have two colors inside and outside.

The crockery made of clay has to be taken care of so that it does not break. These are usually used at a special festival or when guests come. 

Plastic and porcelain crockery are usually used all the time. Porcelain plates can also be used in ovens. In our country, gold-plated utensil sets or bronze dishes are also used in small quantities. These are ideal for giving as a gift to someone.

Some Details of Crockery Items That Are Available In AjkerDeal

Acero Spice Rack Set of 16 Piece

It is a 16 jars spice rack set with a rotating base. The boxes can be filled with premium spices and herbs. All of the jars have stainless steel lids. The dimension of the racks is 7.2 x 7.2 x 11.4 inches.

Dinner Set of 44 Pieces

It is an attractive and beautiful dinner set from the Italiano brand. It is a quality melamine product and durable also. 

Items quantity-

Square plate 11″- 6 pieces, Square plate 7.5″- 6 pieces, Square Bowl 4.5″ - 6 pieces, Square Bowl 3.5″ - 6 pieces, Base bowl with lid 8″- 4 pieces, Rice Plate 12″- 1 piece, Big soup spoon- 6 pieces, Teaspoon - 6 pieces, Rice spoon 8.5″ -3 pieces.

Spice Jar

The model number of this spice jar is DNM2598-F1LL 7456 1A00. The jar can contain 5 types of spices at a time and they will stay at different portions. It is a very useful product for housewives as well as chefs.

Two-Layered Dish Drainer

The product is imported. It drains the extra waters from the dishes after washing them. It is made of stainless steel. There is also a removable plastics dish tray available. It is easy to assemble and easy to clean and maintain also.

Dimension: L-450 x W-250 X H-395 mm.

Glasses and jugs add appeals to the overall look of your kitchen. All types of water jug, short glass set, long glass set, crystal glass set, coffee mug, and many others are available at our site. Create a special dining experience from our collection of sugar bowl with a spoon, fruit bowl, soup set, dessert set, etc. Take a look at our site for fruit serving tray, fruit serving sets, and many more.

Discover our ceramic tea sets for nice drinking with family and friends. Besides these products, other kitchen needs like freeze box, spice rack, spicy pot set, oil pot, containers are also available on our site. All of our crockeries items are made of glass, ceramics, porcelain, stainless steel, and many more with elegant shapes and designs.

At, we offer an ample variety of Kitchen & Dining products. You can also avail of discounts and offers from our crockeries. We offer a home delivery service to our customers. Browse through the categories and find your desired crockery items at the best price in Bangladesh.