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Nowadays, the popcorn can be found at the corner of the street. There are also popcorn stalls in front of shopping malls or cinema halls. Many eat this exotic meal of corn.

Popcorn and corn are the same, so the benefits are the same, too. Usually popcorn contains antioxidants, carbohydrates, protein and vegetable oils. Which is useful for the skin, heart and liver. Fried popcorn in the sand is good for health, it does not take salt to make popcorn in a domestic way, usually, Dhaka dishes are quite good for making popcorn; Popcorn is very healthy for evening snacks.

Popcorn without salt is good for health, those who have high blood pressure must eat salt.

Nowadays popcorn has many flavors, buttercream, cheeses, packet popcorn with various spices and oils are quite good, this type of popcorn does not take time to finish, but be careful about those who have cholesterol problems or heart problems. It is best not to eat popcorn.

Kidney problems can occur if you eat more butter, cheese, popcorn with spices. You can eat flavored popcorn once a month for the taste of the tongue, but most days it is best not to eat popcorn with spices, butter, cheese, white spicy popcorn.

The usefulness of Popcorn:

To reduce weight: 

Popcorn is sugar-free, fat free and low-calorie diet. A small cup of popcorn has only 5 calories. Due to the fiber-rich diet, a small cup is filled with stomach and does not take long. As a result, popcorn can be an ideal snack for weight control.


Not only does free radical increase the risk of cancer, it also increases the risk of heart disease. It also increases the risk of diseases such as blindness, muscle weakness, Alzheimer's, hair fall, etc. There is an abundance of antioxidants called polyphenols in popcorn which helps to reduce the negative effects of free radicals.

Reduces constipation:

Popcorn has a lot of fiber. There are also minerals, complex carbohydrates, B complex vitamins and vitamin E. Digestive juices are secreted by eating popcorn because of the abundance of fiber. As a result the digestion process is normal. The problem of constipation also goes away.

Controls Blood Sugar: 

Eating the right amount of corn is very useful for diabetics. Fiber-rich foods control the amount of sugar in the blood. So diabetic patients can eat a small cup of popcorn for breakfast.


Popcorn is beneficial. But it must be made in-house. Outside flavored popcorn, extra salt, sugar or buttered popcorn is not beneficial to the body at all. They contain unhealthy fats and excess calories. So make popcorn at home. Otherwise, hitting can be the opposite.

You can definitely eat popcorn as evening snacks. Popcorn without salt is also good for health. Popcorn as a snack in the evening, is a hundred times better than Chop or roll in health questions.


You can eat nuts every day for good health. It contains a lot of manganese, vitamin B1, folic acid and protein. Vegan nuts are more nutritious than raw nuts. Therefore, spend extra money every day to eat unhealthy snacks and eat nuts and almonds.

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