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Burka, Scarf & Hijab in Bangladesh |

Burka, hijab, and scarf are mostly used by Muslim women. You can now buy fashionable burka, hijab, and scarf online in BD from ajkerdeal. Ajkerdeal is the largest online shop in Bangladesh. Here you will find all kinds of fashion wears. Muslim fashion is one of them. Islam is the religion which follows the hijab of women and men both. To maintain women’s hijab, there are certain types of clothing that you might need. On ajkerdeal, you will find them all. So, if you are looking for a burka, hijab or scarf then visit the website of ajkerdeal and place an order now to get it delivered to your place. 

Islam is a religion which insists on the hijab for both men and women. Most people think of a headcover when they hear about the hijab. But the actual meaning of hijab is to guard. And it is applicable for both men and women. It is ordered by the almighty that whenever a man will look at a woman he should lower his gaze immediately. And a woman should cover her head, two hands up to the wrist and full body. This is the hijab system that is ordered by the almighty. We will focus on women’s hijab wears. There are various kinds of clothing that a woman can wear as a hijab such as a burka, head hijab or scarf. You can find them all on ajkerdeal. Ajkerdeal is the largest online shop in Bangladesh and you will find these here. So, visit the website of ajkerdeal and place an order now. You can have it delivered to your place within just a couple of working days. Ajkerdeal is the most trustworthy online shop and you can put your trust in it. So, place an order now. 

Our collection of abayas also comes with modest Islamic fashion & design. They also come to keep your casual look simple yet trendy. They are perfect addition to your casual wear as it pairs nicely with jeans. There also gorgeous designs with heavy embroidery work on the chest line. They are available in various materials like cotton, silk, georgette, net etc.

Buy hijabs, hijab cap, glitter caps online to make hassle-free shopping experience. Hijab pins, clips & brooch with attractive design are also available at our site. They are also made of high quality, soft & comfortable material to make you relaxing feel for any casual move. They can be easily paired up with burka, abaya etc.

Buy Burka on Ajkerdeal:

Burka is one of the most popular types of women fashion worn by Muslim women especially in the Indian subcontinent. It is a type of cloak that is loose-fitting and it covers the whole body. It is mainly a layer of cloth that is worn over other regular clothes. It is mostly made of a soft and thin fabric. The color is mostly any dark color. Sometimes printed fabrics are also used. Some burkas come with a head covering and some do not. Women often use an additional scarf for those burkas. The head covering burka does not only cover the head they also cover the face. And the face cover is also known as Niqab. If you are looking for good quality, comfortable and fashionable burka then visit the website of ajkerdeal and take a look at the huge burka collection. You can buy them at a really reasonable price. So, place an order now and get it delivered to your place. 

Hijab and Head Cover:

Thow hijab means to guard, but now it is meant a certain type of headcover. Hijab means covering the head with a piece of cloth. There are different types of hijabs. One is open hijab or unstitched hijab. These hijabs need to be worn manually and it covers the head and neck. You have to wrap your head with the hijab in a certain way and to hold the hijab you can use hijab pins. On ajkerdeal, you will find these hijab pins as well. These hijabs are found in different styles, colors, and fabrics. The fabrics are soft and do not feel uncomfortable. Hijabs has also become a fashion wear besides a particular religious wear. So, if you are looking for a good hijab then visit the website of ajkerdeal and take a look at the massive hijab collection. Place an order now and you will have it at your place within just 2 to 3 working days. 


Scarfs are also called Orna ion our country. It is probably the most important piece of clothes for a lot of women. It is worn over almost all kinds of dresses. It is mainly used to cover the upper part of the body and head. But it is mostly used to cover the chest and neck. You will find scarf or ornas in different styles and colors. Sometimes you can have orna matching with your dress. You can get cotton, georgette, silk, and many more fabric. There are various styles as well. Such as short orna, these ornas are short and they will be perfect if worn with western clothes. You will also find long ornas. These ornas will look great with traditional Salwar Kameez or you can wear them as a headcover with Burka. So, if you are looking for a good and stylish scarf then visit the website of ajkerdeal and take a look at the collection and place an order now. And we will make sure you get your product within just a couple of working days.

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