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Buy Online Scarf & Orna In Bangladesh At Cheap Price

We are basically looking for a traditional sari, modern & western design dress, lawn, deshi type salwar kameez, designer Kurti as so on but a piece of Scarf also a part of modern women fashion accessories. For this reason, the Ajkerdeal website provides the best, a colorful, stylish and exclusive scarf for women in Bangladesh. 



About Scarf & Orna 

In modern trending fashions and collections, there is a wide collection of western wear available in the standard marketplace. But the variation of cloths and design makes the differences of an apparel section. A piece of fabric that is worn around the neck commonly called neckwear. 

This neckwear sometimes refers to an Orna or Dupatta by differentiating into materials of wool, linen, painted, handloom cotton, georgette, and so many more types. A scarf or Onra will be worn over most of the dresses like salwar kameez, Kurti in different styles, Fotua, Burkha, etc.   


Types Of Scarf & Scarves      

A scarf is considered as hundreds of years of fashion accessories represent the enduring fashion worn by ladies around the neck. Sometimes it will be mentioned as a Hijab. There is a classification of Scarf sizes and designs. Such as-

  • Cotton Scarves
  • Net Scarf
  • Cashmere
  • Chiffon 
  • Scarf in Silk 
  • Kashmiri Scarf 
  • Velvet type scarf
  • Plaid Scarves 
  • Bandana Scarves 
  • Crinkled Crepe Scarves 
  • Hand Knitted Woolen 
  • Chequered Fabric Scarf 
  • Scarves with tassel 
  • Animal Print Scarf 
  • Fleece Scarf.   

Exclusive Scarf Products For Women

Our AjkerDeal Online site arranged everything for the respective customers especially for fashionable women collected an impressive collection of Sari, Kurti, Salwar Kameez, Jewelry, Watch, Borkha, Hijab & Scarf, Party Bags & Purse, etc.


Our Ajkerdeal online customers will find various categories of Women’s fashion wear accessories. Let's have a look at the listed products of Scarfs Or Orna.

  • Ladies Cotton & Polyester Scarf
  • Block Printed Cotton Orna
  • Batik Printed Orna
  • Artifact Sandy Pink Silk Scarf  
  • Ladies Scarf
  • Silk Printed Hijab
  • Ladies Scarf & Hijab with a necklace
  • Chinese Chiffon & Georgette Scarf
  • Handloom Chumki Cotton Scarf
  • Casual Long Soft Wrap Scarf
  • Burberry London Scarf
  • Scarf With Tassel
  • Scarf with Rhinestone necklace
  • 9 In 1 Multi Wearing Scarf
  • Runmeifa New Pendant Scarf Necklace
  • Smart Onra & Scarf
  • Polyester Mixed Scarf 
  • Solid Colour Scarf
  • Handloom Cotton Scarf
  • Other Products of Multi-Purpose Scarf Hanger Circle Storage


Buy Scarf & Orna From Ajkerdeal Online Shop

Ajkerdeal is one of the largest online sites in Bangladesh where our customers will discover all diversified category products collection. If You are looking for a window shop for personal needs products as well as a variety of Borka, Hijab & Scarfs then browse our site. 


Cotton & Polyester Mixed Scarf

Cotton & Polyester Mixed Scarf is a fashionable scarf that is very easy to use and makes the comforts by the fabric of plain cotton. It is also preferred for summer accessories.  


Various Solid Colour Scarf 

Solid colorful scarfs are available on our site as styles, designs, and colors of orange, red, blue, off white, etc. A colorful scarf is used by the matching dress or a Kurti.   


Casual Long Soft Wrap Scarf

Casual Long Soft Wrap Scarf is very popular for scarf fashion every movie stars, photographer, socialist, a dancer, fashion illustrator choosing scarf as a fashion item. You can be used as casual everyday wear.   


9 In 1 Multi Wearing Scarf

Our site offers the china made of  9 in 1 Multi Wearing Scarf which gives the 18th different styles of a scarf, hood, balaclava, face mask, neck warmer, sun guard, wristband, bandana, hair tie, headscarf, hair band, headband, hat liner, helmet liner, beanie, saccharine, bobble hat, do-rag.    


Georgette Orna & Hijab

A scarf is mostly used for sun protection, cleanliness, for warm-up the body, sometimes covered the head, neck & body. Our site gives the various materials of fabrics for simple, gorgeous and exclusive Orna Hijab which is specially collected for Muslim girls & women in our country.   


Every religious lady also used the scarf as the headcover of a hijab for a religious purpose. This headcover, scarves protect modesty or promote attention. Wearing Hijab can also show the Islamic standard of modesty. 


Chiffon Scarf For Girls

Chiffon category scarf is another type of scarf that offers a fashionable sense yet gives comfort to wear.  A piece of chiffon fabric makes sure to modern wear because of it’s lightweight, drapey, thin texture fabricated to tie around the neck without any bulk. 


Multi-Purpose Scarf Hanger Circle Storage


Multi-Purpose Scarf Hanger Circle Storage is another product to carry all your favorite Hijab Orna or a scarf. This circle storage gives the specific space to placement for a tie, Orna, Hijab. If you want this multi-purpose scarf storage hanger then visit our site and get this at a suitable price range.