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Muslim Fashion Shopping Online BD: Islam is derived from the Arabic word Salam and Silm. Salam means peace and Silm means submitting one's will to god. So, Islam means, getting peace by submitting your will to almighty god. The final revolution of god came to the face of the earth around 1400 years ago. And those who follow the revolution are called Muslims. Most of the people think that Islam doesn't allow fashion which is wrong. There is a certain law created by the creator following which you can take on any fashion. There is different law for the fashion of men and women.

Muslim Men Fashion:

The law of Muslim men fashion is, one Muslim man has to cover from his waist up to ankle. He should not wear any indecent or unclean clothes or clothes that resemble the disbelievers. Following these rules, a man can wear any clothes.

Though, in the Indian subcontinent, there is a certain fashion for Muslim men. Such as, Panjabi, kurta, cap, brim and others. Panjabi is frequently weared and has became a symbol of muslim men in our country. Panjabi is a loose frock with long sleeves and upto knee. Panjabis are mostly made of cotton, and has some design on it. Besides a religious wear, panjabi has become a traditional and festive weare in our country. And you can find panjabi in best price in BD in  Kurta is almost same as panjabi but it has a different cutting and sewing style that makes it unique.

Muslim men are also suggested to put on pefume. But the alcohol based perfumes are prohibited for them. So they use a special type of oil based perfume mostly known as ‘Ator’ or halal perfume. And ajkerdeal has the widest and best halal perfume collection in BD. the perfumes are mostly imported from Saudi Arabia. You can find some of the best Saudi Arabia perfume in BD here. Some of the leading halal perfume brands such as, Al Haramain, Madina Ator, Zam Zam Ator, Nivea ator, Indian red rose ator, Figo perfume, Aseel, Alisha ator and more. You can buy atar online in BD through ajkerdeal.

Muslim Women Fashion:

There are some fashion rules for women tobe followed in Islam. Such as, they should cover their head, they should cover their body upto wrist, they should not wear tight clothing, they should not wear transparent clothes. Based on these rules, muslim women's fashion has evolved. To cover the head, Muslim women wear Hijabs. And you can buy hijabs online in BD with ajkerdeal. We are offering you a huge collection of hijab from that you can choose yours. There are few kinds of hijabs such as, normal hijab, hijab caps, hijab with niqaab. Normal hijabs are a piece of cloth that you have to tie around your head. And there are cotton hijabs, printed hijabs, silk hijabs etc. You can evaluate the price of hijab in BD before you buy them. To tie the hijab there is another thing that you might need, brooch and hijab pins. Ajkerdeal is providing you a full solution. You can get hijab pins and beautiful brooch online. You can find them in crystal, diamond cut, stone, clothes. These hijab pins and brooches will make your hijab more beautiful. Another type of hijab is the hijab caps. Hijabs that you don’t have to tie. You can slide your head into them. They are already made that way. Then comes the niqaab. It is a type of hijab that covers the face as well.we have a decent collection of niqaab which you can order from your home and you do not have to go to the market to buy them. We will send it to your door steps.

Muslim women uses a special kind of cloth to cover their body, mostky known as burka. It is a special kind of apron that muslim women wear. And ajker deal is giving you the opportunity to choose your desired burka from a wide range of collections. We have cotton burka, silk burka, stretch fabric burka and more. This burkas are fashionable and long lasting as well.

Scarf or urna is another type of wear that used to cover the head. And we are providing a beautiful collection of them. There are silk, cotton, georgette, poly aster and more. These scarves comes in various colors, designs or print. You can easily buy scarf online from you home and get delevered them to you within a couple of days.

Ajkerdeal has categorize the muslim fashion saperately so that you can find your desired panjabi, burka, hijab, niqab, hijab pins, ator or halal perfume easily.