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ladies abaya

৳ 1,990/-

Ladies Scarf

৳ 500/-

ladies abaya

৳ 1,800/-

Black In Red Borka

৳ 3,900/-

Ladies blue abaya

৳ 1,999/-

Malaysian Abaya

৳ 2,500/-

Hijab Hanger

৳ 680/-

Muslim Fashion Items Online in Bangladesh 

Do you prefer to wear traditional Muslim clothing? Are you searching for modest Muslim fashion wear of the most recent trends?  According to Muslim dress code there are plenty of options to choose from which are trendy and stylish enough yet modest. You can choose from western styles, originated from Arab countries to anything from urban styles and there are designer ones available also. In Bangladesh several Muslim fashion items are quite demandable and desirable. Long abayas & borka, traditional loose tunic & trouser, Hijab & Hijab cap, scarf, Hijab pin & brooch, Attar etc. are mostly used Muslim fashion items in Bangladesh. AjkerDeal has the biggest collection of these Muslim fashion items online in Bangladesh.

Borka & Abaya

Abaya is basically a full length loose over-garment dress specially worn by Muslim women all over the world. In Bangladesh it is really popular. AjkerDeal brings you a huge collection Abaya & Borka including Malaysian Abaya, Imported kaftan style borka, Gergette abaya, Ladies Blue Abaya and many more.

Hijab & Hijab Cap

Hijab is at the center of traditional Muslim women fashion wear. It is mandatory to use Hijab & Hijab caps if you want to maintain Muslim dress code. Hijab is basically a piece of cloth, which can be used to cover the exposed facial part including neck & hand. At AjkerDeal we offer a wide range of Hijab & Hijab Caps collection varied by style, price range, colors and designs. All the Hijabs comes with excellent quality and made with comfortable cotton or silk cloth.

Halal Perfumes

Perfumes are very important in our day to day life. Muslim people need to use halal perfumes according to their religious rules and regulations. Perfumes which are completely free from alcohol are called halal perfumes. Buy halal perfumes online in Bangladesh from AjkerDeal. We have a wide range of alcohol free halal perfumes collection of internationally recognized brands like Haneen, Al-Huaim, Haramain and others. Refreshes yourself with a long lasting authentic & gorgeous fragrance. We only features brand new original halal perfumes.

AjkerDeal greatly understands your Muslim fashion needs. That is why our Muslim fashion category is prosperous with the most needed items to inspire your devotion to the Muslim dress code. Buy only original products with the lowest prices with easy refund & replacement policies.