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Abaya is a full length sleeveless outer garment specially worn by some Muslim women and in Bangladesh, the popularity of Abaya is increasing among women. Usually, the traditional color of the Abaya is black, but now-a-days, the other colors are also taking place.

In Bangladesh, Abaya is also very popular among girls, because Bangladesh is a Muslim country and a large portion of Bengali women held the belief of Islam and that is why, the largest online shopping site of Bangladesh,, has decorated their site with lots of Abayas.

Among a huge collection of Abayas, the most common and popular Abayas of are Ladies blue Abaya, Malaysia Abaya, Embroidery Abaya  and so on. Check out our Borka collection if you are interested in them, you will also find this product in our site.

All the abayas of are brand new and they belong to the high class category. As a Muslim woman, you cannot deny the importance of Abaya and as a customer; you do not need to be worried about the quality of the products because the largest online shopping site of Bangladesh, is always committed to provide the best item for the customers.

Buying your favorite Abaya from market is a stiff process, because you need to move a lot and at the same time, you need to bargain with the shopkeeper as well.

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