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Jaipan Kitchen Gold Mixer & Grinder৳ 3999
JAIPAN Roti maker৳ 2200
Jaipan electric roti maker৳ 2199
JAIPAN Mixer and Grinder ৳ 4380
Jaipan Kitchen Blender৳ 4790
JAIPAN kitchen beauty 850W 1HP GRINDER৳ 4849
Jaipan 850W Family Mate Mixer Grinder/Blender৳ 3899
Jaipan Premium Blender৳ 3300
Jaipan Premium Blender৳ 3300
Jaipan Fancy Triset Mixer Grinder৳ 3599
Jaipan Family Mate Blender৳ 4499
Jaipan Mixer grinder Commando Blender৳ 3450
Jaipan Kitchen Beauty JKB-4001 750W 1HP Mixer Grinder৳ 4499
Jaipan 850W Family Mate Mixer Grinder/Blender৳ 4990
Jaipan roti maker ৳ 2350
Jaipan kitchen beauty blender silver ৳ 3999
JAIPAN premium blender৳ 3899
JAIPAN FAMILY MATE mixer blender and grinder৳ 3899
JAIPAN kitchen Green 750W GRINDER৳ 4199
JAIPAN FAMILY MATE mixer blender and grinder৳ 4099
Jaipan kitchen green blender৳ 4149
JAIPAN premium 750 watt Grinder৳ 4199
jaipan kitchen green blender and grinder৳ 3999
Jaipan Family Mate Mixer Grinder৳ 3999
JAIPAN Electric Rooti Maker৳ 2050
Jaipan 850-Watt Kitchen Beauty Mixer Grinder৳ 4998
Jaipan Brand Jumbo Easy Roti Maker৳ 3290
Jaipan Jumbo Ruti Maker৳ 2499
JAIPAN FAMILY MATE Mixer Grinder৳ 4350
JAIPAN Kitchen Beauty 850w Grinder৳ 4849
JAIPAN roti maker ৳ 2450
JAIPAN Roti Maker৳ 2100
JAIPAN kitchen beuty blender৳ 4899
JAIPAN FAMILY MATE mixer blender and grinder৳ 4099
Jaipan Family Mate Mixer And Grinder৳ 3999
JAIPAN FAMILY MATE mixture blender৳ 4380
Jaipan 2101 mixer grinder৳ 3750
JAIPAN jumbo roti maker৳ 2249
Jaipan Roti Maker৳ 2249
Jaipan 850W Family Mate Mixer Grinder/Blender৳ 5330
Jaipan ruti maker৳ 2750
Jaipan Roti Maker৳ 2890
Jaipan Jumbo Roti Maker৳ 2799
JAIPAN Electric Ruti maker৳ 2500
JAIPAN Electric Roti Maker৳ 2350
Jaipan Kitchen Gold Mixer Grinder৳ 3950
Jaipan Family Mate Mixer Grinder - 1L৳ 4450
Jaipan 850 watt৳ 4200
Jaipan 850watt Kitchen Beauty Grinder ৳ 4950
Jaipan Buttler Mixer Grinder৳ 4050
Jaipan Roti Maker৳ 3050
JAIPAN JUMBO Ruti Maker ৳ 2899
Jaipan Kitchen Green 750w Mixer Blender /Grinder৳ 4150
Jaipan Family Mate Mixer Grinder৳ 4399

Jaipan Branded Products in Bangladesh

Jaipan is India’s no. 1 kitchen appliances brands and also popular in Bangladesh. They are very much popular for manufacturing innovative kitchen and home appliances products. Buy Jaipan branded products online from offers a wide variety of food processor, mixer, juicer, hand mixer & blender, iron, sandwich toaster, roti maker, induction cooker, non-stick cookware from this famous brand. Find your perfect kitchen appliances from

The Jaipan electric blender comes with stainless steel jar, high heat grade ABS for mixer body to provide you best performance. They are ideal for preparing liquid food, whipes, grates and grinds in both wet and dry mode. They also come with sturdy handle and ergonomic design for smooth and easy operation.  They also come with a number of safety features for easy operation. The Jaipan handy blenders are useful for making any mixture easily and quickly. They are also easy to clean and use.

There is high quality Jaipan Jumbo roti maker which helps you to make roti, puri within a minute. It is a very effective gadget for working woman and also ideal for smart kitchen. They are ideal for saving time, energy and effort. They also come with warranty for providing good quality service to satisfy customer’s need.

Buy original Jaipan branded products online from the largest online shopping mall in Bangladesh, For the best quality products online, you can rely on us. Place your order now and have an amazing experience with us.