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Slicer, Peeler and Chopper in Bangladesh | 

Enhance your cooking skills with a slicer, peeler and chopper that can simplify your life and style up your countertop. Shop for the most innovative slicer, peeler and chopper as your kitchen appliances from at a convenient price. 

Kitchen Trifling Machineries

Vegetable slicers are kitchen appliances usually used for cutting vegetables, like potatoes, cucumbers, carrots, apples etc. This is a very easy way to use and within a few minutes you can easily slice your vegetables and you are ready to go for cooking.

Kitchen Tools Of Peeler

Peeler is the most used product in the kitchen which is used for peeling the vegetables. It is also referred to as vegetable scraper with a suitable handle for easily gripping it and sharply removing peel the outer portions of vegetable or fruits. It is now super easy to peel your vegetable within a few minutes and you are ready for cooking. 

An Ideal Tool For Kitchen

Chopper is actually used for food processing in the kitchen. It will always save your time while you are going to cook. Great for vegetable dicing and chopping onion. Perfect use for the kitchen and easy to use for the cook. 

Fastest, Safest & Easiest Way To Chop Or Slice 

Discover our vegetable slicer to create spirals, julienne cut on vegetables or fruits in just a second. Every kitchen needs a vegetable and fruit peeler for skinning carrots to potatoes or any other fruits. If you want 14 IN 1 Quick Dicer Multi Purpose Vegetable & Fruit Chopper Cutter Slicer then visit our site to get this at a reasonable price. 

Multi-Functional Chopper

Try out our multi-functional chopper which will shorten your cooking time from the start of preparation to the serving of the meal. To make your kitchen work easier, we ensure you all types of chopper for chopping vegetables, fruits, spices and much more.

Multi-Functional Chopping Devices For Variety Cutting Shapes

Food must be cut into shapes of cubes, sticks, stripes, quarters or in many ways. You can now easily cut, chop, grate, slice, dice or peel vegetables and fruits into any form. provides all types of multi-functional chopping devices which are very simple to use and save enough space to your kitchen. 

Eco-Friendly Handy Vegetable Cutter

Our small kitchen appliances are reliable, durable and most effective for your smart kitchen. This small size vegetable cutter is handy style so easy to carry and cut every slice of vegetable perfectly. 

Multifunctional Onion Chopper

No need to worry about chopping onions, now there is a hassle-free multifunctional chopper. An ideal tool for your kitchen. Very easy to use. Putting any vegetable, onion, ginger inside it and turning the handle will blend it. There are blades made of stainless steel. ABS plastic body, which can be cleaned very easily.

Salad Cutting Bowl

Are you feeling bothered about your small kitchen appliances? You should choose for your kitchen a salad cutting bowl which is made with plastic safe material. is here to help you choose the right kitchen appliances for your kitchen. Salad cutting bowl size available in  22.5 * 18 * 10 cm and weigh about 185 grams. You can easily cut the salad ingredients. 

Box Grater

Are you tired of chopping vegetables one slow slice at a time? Knife cuts are slovenly and uneven so that some people avoid these cutting boards, knives and containers to clean. You should try to use box grater for perfect grating of vegetables, fruits and cheese.

Slice The Apple Very Easily & Evenly Sized

This is one of the best ways to serve the apple slices for a guest at home. If you want, you can easily cut apples with an apple slicer. This apple slicer is made with metal and plastic material, easy to carry and usage. It has 7 stainless blades to slice the apple very precisely and neatly.

Coconut Scraper & Fish Skin Scale Peeler 

Now you don’t throw away the finished coconut anymore by using the coconut scraper to collect coconut crumbs out. Coconut Scraper Shaver is used for multipurpose work, you can easily remove Fish Skin Scale with this scraper. It is a stainless steel coconut grater slicer type of kitchen peeler and cleaning tool. 

French Fry Potato Slicer

Slice the potatoes to the perfect size for French frying in a hassle-free way. The beige rubber suction pad gives the working time a strong grip made of stainless steel. Comfortable grip handles and large holders can also be used to cut carrots and cucumbers. Up to 4 "long potato sticks can be made.