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Sandwich Maker & Toaster in Bangladesh | 

Almost every kitchen needs a toaster to make delicious sandwiches for breakfast and snacks time, as it is loved by everyone. Buy sandwich maker/toaster from online at the best prices. Discover a wide range of sandwich maker/toasters at for your convenience.

Electronic Kitchen Appliance Of Toaster 

Toaster is a small electronic kitchen appliance which is designed to brown the sliced bread by exposing it to heat. The most common household toasting appliance is the pop-up toaster.  In this bread slices need to be inserted into the slots and when they are done toasting they will pop up.

The Toaster Machine Features

Our toasters come with smart features like auto shut-off, crumb tray, auto centering, control panel, variable browning, cool touch body and many more for your convenience. All of our toasters are user-friendly and safe, making it the perfect kitchen appliances.

Sandwich Maker

Sandwich maker is a fold-up heater in which the sandwiches to be prepared are placed for grilling and toasting. Housewives specially looking for these types of sandwich makers for their easy cooking home task. Make the most delicious grilled and toasted sandwich with our collection of sandwich makers. 

Different Types Of Sandwich Makers

Select from our various types of sandwich makers featuring non-stick coating, automatic thermostat, power indicator light, interchangeable plates, insulated stainless steel body and many more. Due to the grill plates, the sandwiches use less oil, making your meal healthy and fresh.

Famous Brands Of Sandwich Maker & Toaster

Our sandwich maker and toasters come from the famous brands including Dualit, Miyako, Philips, Walton, Panasonic, LG, Samsung, Ocean, Vision, Moulinex and many others. The compact size of our sandwich maker and toaster doesn’t take much space in the kitchen.

Shop For The Best Price Of Sandwich Maker & Toaster

How can you pick the best toaster and sandwich maker if you don't know how it operates and the features which separate them from the best? So, no worries pick the best one and favourite one kitchen appliance products from our site. 

Electric Bread Slice Toaster 

We provide the best quality of Electric Toaster, model is NT-GP1W. 

This product type is a slice toaster. Use it to toast bread slices. Defrost/Reheat/Cancel Settings with 5 Level Browning Control.

Moulinex Branded Toaster LT340811 

Moulinex Branded Toaster has a stainless steel body with an extra lifting function. It runs at 850W power.  It also has seven levels of toasting, removable crumb tray and stop/eject function. You will just remember some instructions for the use of a toaster. 

Instruction For The Use Of A Toaster Machine

First of all you simply plug in the toaster, then put bread into the slots. You should select the number of heated slots that you wanted. Turn into the nozzle to choose. Then step for turn the timer and lastly you can use the lever to lower toast down into the toaster because without the use of lever toast as it won’t pop up by itself.

Vision Sandwich Maker

Making sandwiches has become a lot easier with sandwich makers and toasters. VISION branded Sandwich Maker is perfectly made 4 pieces of sandwich at a time. You will get a 1 year warranty and the colour will be the same as in the picture. Buy branded sandwich maker and toaster online from the online shopping marketplace, 

Mini Size Manual Sandwich Maker

Manual Sandwich Maker with mini size. You put the sandwich inside and hold it over the gas stove for a while. and your Sandwich will be ready to eat in moments. Mini size sandwich maker is a compact design with a fixed plot. It also has Non-stick coating plates and is easy to clean. 

MIYAKO Sandwich Maker

MIYAKO Branded kitchen appliances are good and we provide this branded kitchen appliances of sandwich maker, toaster etc. This Sandwich maker has an automatic temperature control with Cool-touch handle with auto-lock switch. It also has non-stick coating plates. 

Buy Sandwich Maker At A Relatively Low Price Ajkerdeal 

We offer a variety of kitchen & dining appliances collections in Bangladesh. Match a pair of sandwich makers to make breakfast by following different recipes in an easy way in a short time. So, just simply browse through our category page and choose your desired product from us. Happy Shopping with us!!!