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Roti, Noodles and Biscuit Makers in Bangladesh |   

Find a fresh appearance for your kitchen with With our small kitchen appliances you can now make roti, puri, noodles & semai, cake, dough, biscuits and many more at your home.

Release From Manual Work

Let your guests wonder about the secret of your evenly shaped puris and rotis ! Our roti maker machines will help you to prepare easily round shaped rotis, tortillas and many more for your easy and smart cooking experience. 

Puri Maker Machine

We offer puri makers which are durable and easy to use. Our exclusive puri maker is also made of heavy stainless steel. Puri Maker can be used very easily. Puri can be done only by applying pressure with the hand. Non stick with stainless steel cover.

Potato Masher And Puri Maker

With a potato masher and puri maker, you can easily bring puri into round shape and also you can easily mix the potatoes perfectly. This product is found in stainless steel made material. 

Easy Dough Maker

For soft and fresh baking, our dough maker will ensure you perfect consistency. An excellent tool for making bread perfectly. The flour dough ball will be completed without any touch and effort of the hand. You can easily use it with water and flour should be mixed in the ratio of 1: 1. Material made in an advanced plastic. 

Manual Pancake Machine

Manual pancake machine and dispenser. It is a high quality brand new product with Food grade material. This machine mixes and dispenses pancake ingredients properly. Hand Crank Blender Capacity: 26 ounces / 3.5 cups / 600 ml.

A Gadget Which Is Very Necessary For Working Women 

On our online site, we have the best quality original Jaipan roti maker in Bangladesh; these roti makers are durable, efficient & comfortable to use. Jaipan Roti Maker is a stainless steel cover with thermostat control and weighs about  3.5 kg. It can run 1,000 watts of power. 

Brands Of Electric Roti &  Puri Maker

We feature a variety of best quality and durable products for your kitchen which can save your time, labor, oil, fuel. Besides, we have Laaibah, Miyako, Prestige, Vision & other branded roti makers. With the help of a roti maker you can just make roti in less than one minute. 

Amazing Kitchen Tools For Gifting 

Roti maker is a very necessary product for the kitchen. This roti maker can be used by anyone. With the help of this you can make roti, puri, luchi, cakes etc. This bread maker for bachelor brothers and sisters can be carried anywhere as your companion. 

Made of steel so there is no fear of rust. Anyone of any age can use it. Even small children can make cakes, rotis as a hobby. Make roti and puri now at home, make your own rotis and puri size will be up to 5-6 inches or of different sizes with this amazing simple tool. Such a product may be the best choice for you to give as a gift. 

Best Quality Of Automatic Noodles Maker Machine

Our Site provides an excellent quality automatic noodles making machine for making noodles, pasta, chowmein etc. Anyone who ever tried making homemade noodles, knows they need a machine for that. Here is a great hand-held machine made from stainless steel to help you with your own noodles making.

Stainless Steel Fresh Pasta Maker Roller Machine 

Anyone who wants to eat pasta will want to eat it, but if you can make pasta at home, then tell me what a great thing it is! Stainless steel made fresh pasta maker available on our site which is a roller machine type. You can operate it in a manual mode. Pasta Shape found in Linguine, Spaghetti, Fettuccine. 

Brass Made Semai Machine In Small Size

Have you ever thought about a semai machine? We have brought for you a brass semai machine with which you can easily make tasty vermicelli at home. Try with our semai maker to make different shaped semai for any celebration.

Biscuits, Cookies Maker

Beside these, check out our biscuits maker to make biscuits, cookies of your favorite. Buy cake & biscuit maker, mini cake-pop maker, donut maker, pancake machine and dispenser from the online shopping marketplace for your convenience.

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