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Cajon Price in BD

You can find the cajon price in Bangladesh on ajkerdeal. Cajon is now getting very popular. It is a simple box which is used as a percussion instrument. It is also referred as the cajon drums or percussion drums. It was originated in Peru and it is played with hands, fingers or brushes on its front or rear face. ½ inches thick wood are used to make the five side of the cajon. The sixth side, which is the playing or striking side is made with plywood. There is a sound hole cut out of the back of the cajon. Previously cajon was made only with wood. But now a chain is attached inside against the striking wall to get a buzz effect. 

History of Cajon:

Cajon is being widely used since the 16th century. The slaves of central and west America were the first to use the cajon drums. They used to play music together in the night and they used wooden box to play the percussion. The instrument was developed during the period of slavery and become popular in 1850. By the end of the 19th century the cajon player were doing experiments with the structure of cajon to get various of sound. After the end of slavery the cajon were introduced to mass people and they started to love the instrument. 

Type of Music:

Cajon started its journey with American slaves, but now it is used in some of the elite music of the world. Cajons can be used in various kinds of music. It has a different sound that gives the music a new flavor. Cajons are used in American or Latin folk music. Along with the other folk instruments such as accordion, alboka, appalachian dulcimer, autoharp, bagpipe, balalaika, bandura the cajon started to make the whole music sound very beautiful. The European classical music also uses cajon drums. Along with their acoustic instruments when they play the cajon, it makes a heavenly music and the music can change the environment. In recent times cajon are being used widely aside from the folk and classical. Lots of rock bands are also using cajon now.

Cajon in Bangladesh:

Cajon are used for modern, folk, pop and fusion music in our country in recent times. A lot of musicians and bands are switching to cajon from drums. Cajons are being used in most of the unplugged gigs, fusion gigs or folk gigs. Musicians of Bangladesh are combining various musical instruments with cajon. They are using acoustic guitars, electric guitar, bass guitar, violin, flute, keyboard etc. And these experiments are proving to be very promising. 

Buy Cajon Online:

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